Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Day of Comfort & Home

I'm joining the 31 day online writing challenge at The Nesting Place with other bloggers who will link up on the 1st day of October and write about a topic of their choosing every day for the whole month of October . . . and my chosen topic is . . . 

Pretty awesome topic, I think.

Now if I can just think of 31 different ways to write about comfort and home.  

Click on the links below to read my everyday look at Comfort and Home during the month of October during this 31 Day Challenge.

Day 5: Safety in the Comfort of Home

Day 6:  After-School Chaos

Day 7:  Warmth and Comfort of Home

Day 8:  Once Upon a Time . . .

Day 9:  Comfort and Home Even in the Bat Cave :)

Day 10:  Looking for Comfort at Home

Day 11:  There's No Place Like Home

Day 12:  Comfort Food:  Beef Tips and Gravy

Day 13:  Fall Comfort:  Pumpkin Pound Cake

Day 14:  Comfortable at Home

Day 15:  How To Make a Swirly Scarf

Day 16:  Fall Inspiration at Church

Day 18:  Five on Friday #4

Day 19:  First College Football Game

Day 20:  Skull and Bones Wreath

Day 21:  Is There Comfort in Clutter?

Day 22:  Comfort Food Made Easy Every Night

Day 23:  Memories of Comfort and Home

Day 24:  Slumber Party Fun

Day 25:  Five on Friday #5

Day 26:  Hometown Comfort - Dancing Rabbit Festival

Day 27:  Harvest Carnival - It's a piece of cake!

Day 28:  It's Christmas . . . . well ... almost!

Day 29:  How To Make Owl Cupcakes

Day 30:  Harvest Carnival Fun & Mummy Cupcakes

Day 31:  Haunted Hayride Anyone?

Thanks for stopping by and exploring my 31 Days in October Challenge.  I hope you enjoyed the . . . 

31 Days of Comfort and Home with . . .

                  the Ferrell boys and me!

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