Friday, October 10, 2014

Five on Friday

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Five on Friday with the Ferrell boys and me!


Zach had a Science Report due on Monday.  Each student had to choose a tree for his report, and Zach chose the Persimmon tree.

We visited Mrs. Dot because we knew she had a Persimmon tree in her back yard.  It also didn't hurt that Mrs. Dot knows everything about trees and plants in our area.

Zach collected samples of the leaves and the fruit.  We took pictures and questioned Mrs. Dot all about the Persimmon tree.

While we were visiting, Mrs. Dot gave Shane a ride on her scooter.

It's always so much fun when go over to Mrs. Dot's house.

And Zach made a 100 on his Tree Report.  I went by the school at just the right time to hear him present his report. He did great.


Shane lost his first tooth this week.  Finally.  

I've been wiggling that tooth every night trying to get it out.  I think he was the only one in his class that hadn't lost a tooth.


Alex and Shane went on a field trip this week with their classes to the local pumpkin patch.  They had a wonderful time.  Can you spot my two boys?

They both came home with little pumpkins.  Shane has been anxious to make his pumpkin into a Jack O Lantern.  He keeps telling me that we have to put a lantern in his pumpkin so I guess we'll be carving some pumpkins real soon. 

He also brought one kernel of corn home from the pumpkin patch's corn crib. 

 He intends to plant the corn kernel so he can grow his own corn plant.  


Shane is such an interesting little boy.  He has this huge imagination.

Yesterday, he made a little toy to take to the pee wee ballgame.  

I call it a toy, but it's really just a plastic grocery bag and clothespins taped together.

He took it to the ballgame.  Shane and his friend Colt played with the plastic bag/clothespin toy all night at the game.  They even argued over taking turns playing with it.  Isn't that funny. He's still playing with it today.

Maybe I should post a tutorial on how to make the plastic bag/clothespin toy.  Ha!


The boys played their 3rd pee wee football game last night.

Alex #1 on the move.

Alex loves playing.  I'm so glad he decided to play this year.

Zach #00 

Both teams had a difficult time holding on to the ball . . . seems like both teams fumbled a lot during this game.

Here's a picture of Zach getting the ball when the opposing team fumbled . . .  He's the one on his knees crouched over the ball.  Oh, and there's Alex on the sidelines . . .

Despite the fumbles, our team won the game.  :)

So there's my Five on Friday for this week!  Hope you've enjoyed this quick look into the very busy week with . . .

                               the Ferrell boys and me!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Pee Wee Football 2014

It's that time of year . . . Football season!  I love me some Football, and combine that Love of Football with the Ferrell boys playing Football . . . well I'm just seriously over-joyed with bliss!

Zach in position at the start of the play:

Zach (#00) and Alex (#1) both play pee wee football at our school.  

This is Alex's first year to play, and he's loving it!  

Since it's his first year to play, he is often put in positions that aren't critical to the success of the team, but when Alex talks about his position (nose guard at the last game) on the team, he is quick to let you know how important his position is for the team.  I just love that boy!
Alex is #1 in this picture.  
Look at how small he is compared to the other players!

In this picture below, Alex (in the middle) is breaking past the blockers and headed toward the other team's quarterback. Unfortunately, he didn't reach the quarterback in time, but I'm still proud of his effort.

Zach has played for 4 years now.  He's getting better and better at the game.  During the first game they played, Zach caught two interceptions!
Here's a picture of Zach at the first game playing in the rain.  Yuk.

And truly the greatest blessing for my boys in playing football are the coaches that volunteer their time (without pay) to coach these boys.  They are patient to explain the plays but quick to correct them when they mess up without humiliating them on the field. Both of my boys come home after practice and the games telling me what Coach **So and So** said to them . . . those encouraging words to build them up as they learn to play this game. And I truly could insert any of the Coaches' names in that place above . . . 

You know that your kids are getting taught more than football when at the end of the game you look out on the field and see this . . . both teams coming together to end the night in prayer and praise for the One who matters more than any game they played . . . 

The score that night may have declared our team the winner, but I know that both teams are winners with coaches and parents setting such good examples to our boys and girls on the field.

And of course . . . let's not forget . . . 

there was some serious football played that night  by . . .

the Ferrell boys [and me]  :)