Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Day of Comfort & Home

I'm joining the 31 day online writing challenge at The Nesting Place with other bloggers who will link up on the 1st day of October and write about a topic of their choosing every day for the whole month of October . . . and my chosen topic is . . . 

Pretty awesome topic, I think.

Now if I can just think of 31 different ways to write about comfort and home.  

Click on the links below to read my everyday look at Comfort and Home during the month of October during this 31 Day Challenge.

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Thanks for stopping by and exploring my 31 Days in October Challenge.  I hope you enjoyed the . . . 

31 Days of Comfort and Home with . . .

                  the Ferrell boys and me!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Five on Friday :)

I'm linking up with some other blogs to share 
Five on Friday with the Ferrell boys and me!

So here goes:

[ 1 ]     FOOTBALL:

I love football.  I especially love football when one of my boys is playing.  :)

There he is . . . #00 --  he plays safety on the defense -- awesome!  
He's one of the smallest kids on the team, but he's fearless!  

His team played this past Monday night, and the coaches let Zach carry the ball for the first time . . . and he made his first touchdown!  Aaahhhh . . . best moment ever!  or at least best moment ever during a football game for me!  :)

One of my friends took this picture of the football players before the game . . .

Pictures like that make this momma smile.  :)

And pictures like this after the game make this momma smile too.  :)

Even though Zach got to carry the ball during the 2nd half of the game, his primary position as safety on the defensive teams requires him to tackle, and to encourage him to tackle, my sister Michelle brings some stickers that players put on their helmets to mark each tackle they make.  After every game, she meets Zach in the stands to give him his stickers.   He has accumulated a lot of stickers from the past 3 games.  :)


My boys have already started picking out their Halloween costumes for this year.  I picked up Shane's this week while I was in Walmart, and he has been wearing it everyday.

I hope it isn't worn out by the time Halloween gets here!  :-D

[ 3 ]     YARN:

I'm getting in the mood to crochet so while I was in Walmart, I picked up some yarn.

[ 4 ]     FALL:

And also, while I was in Walmart, I picked up some little pots of Mums for the breakfast table.
So ready for Fall!

[ 5 ]    FAT LIP:

On Thursday morning, I had a lesion removed that was on the inside of my lower lip.  I got it when I accidentally bit the inside of my lip, but it didn't go away and I bit it over a year ago.  The doctor removed the lesion and put a stitch in my lip to close it and sent the tissue to be tested.

He gave me the option to have the site deadened with needle injections or I could be "put to sleep" by IV sedation.  I went with the needle injections because after my last IV sedation experience, I decided it would probably be best not to go that route!  :-D

Of course, five needles stuck in my lower lip later . . . I'm not sure that was a great idea.  Ouch!  I even have a bruise from the injections!  ( on the right side of my lower lip )

So there's my Five on Friday!  Hope you've enjoyed this quick look into the past week with . . .

                               the Ferrell boys and me!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Getting To Know You #2

I've joined, so periodically, you may see me writing posts that are in reference to one of their topics.  This blog post is part of their "Getting to Know You" Link Up.  This is actually the second round of questions.  I missed the first round.  :(

I thought it would be fun do this . . . and actually it was fun.  I really had to think about some of these questions before answering them!  So here goes . . .

Mississippi Women Bloggers

1. What is your favorite thing to do in your hometown?

My favorite thing to do isn't truly located in my hometown of Macon, but it is located in my home county of Noxubee.  We love going to the Noxubee Refuge!  They have fun activities for children throughout the year. Lots of stuff to do . . . 

great trails to hike, 

wildlife to see,

lots to explore,

places to picnic,

plus canoeing and fishing too.  Our favorite activity is the annual Refuge Day which will be on October 12th this year!   The boys love being "hands-on" with the live animals and reptiles that they have there on that day.  Snakes . . .

baby alligators . . .

plus lots of fun activities for kids of all ages to do!

We go every year!  It's free!  And my boys love it!  Check out more about the Noxubee Refuge at the Friends of Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge HERE.

2. What is the best vacation spot in Mississippi?  

Well, that depends on who is doing the vacationing.  For a family vacation, we enjoy a quick trip to the Gulf Coast!  My boys love the beach and playing in the water!  Here are some pictures from a weekend trip in 2009!  

I love the fact that it's not too crowded.  There are plenty of hotels and great restaurants!  My boys loved feeding and chasing the seagulls . . .

playing in the sand . . .

building sand castles . . .

and of course, playing in the water!  

The water doesn't look crystal clear, but my boys didn't seem to mind. 

If it's a vacation for just me and my husband, I would pick Greenwood, Mississippi!  Definitely we'd stay at The Alluvian!  And across the street from The Alluvian is the Viking Cooking School!  I've taken two cooking classes at the Viking Cooking School, and I think it would be awesome to take one of the couple's classes with my husband!  There's great shopping and dining in Greenwood too!  Also, across from The Alluvian is an excellent Spa with couple's packages!  I think I've just sold myself on this vacation for me and Dave for our upcoming anniversary!  [Hint! Hint! Dave]

3. Tell us about the most fun date night idea in Mississippi.

Tailgating at the Grove in Oxford followed by the Ole Miss football game then dinner and dancing at one of the many restaurants/clubs on the Square!  Hotty Toddy!  Here's me and Dave at the Oxford Grill House a couple of weeks ago.

4. What is one fun fact that very few people know about you?

That I can draw and paint.  I don't do it very often.  I love to do crafty projects, and I love to sew. Most people know that about me, but I don't think many people know that I can actually draw and paint most anything I can look at while I'm drawing.  I'm not very good at sketching pictures from memory, but I can draw most anything if I can have it right in front of me.

5. Who is your favorite sports team (if you have one) and how did it start?

 It started after I enrolled in Law School at Ole Miss and the Rebels became a part of me once I graduated from there!

6. What are your top three “Best Eats” in Mississippi?

1) Harvey's in Columbus; 2) Old Venice in Starkville, and 3) the Oxford Grill House in Oxford.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still living in the country in Noxubee County, Mississippi.  Still practicing law in Macon, Mississippi.  Still chasing both the big and the little Ferrell boys all over the place!  Still thankful for these many blessings!

8. If you could choose an actress to play you in real life, who would you choose and why?

Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls.  Because she is so cute and funny and witty and charming and that's how I would want to be portrayed . . . not that she looks anything like me!   And because Angelina Jolie would probably be too busy to take the part!  :D

9. What is a southern tradition you and your family have? 

Black-eyed peas for "luck" and turnip or collard greens for "riches" every New Year's Day for lunch or supper!  Along with some type of pork whether it's pork loin, ham hocks, or pork chops.  Also, my mother has always said that whatever you do on the first day of the year is what you'll be doing for the rest of the year, so we always keep that in mind when planning the day.  The best New Year's Day is always the one where we've spent the day together as a family! 

10. List 5 things on your Bucket List you hope to do before you die.

1.  See my grandchildren graduate college and get married.
2.  See the Grand Canyon again with my husband, Dave.  (This time without our children)
3.  Vacation in Italy with my husband, Dave.
4.  Take my children to Disney World.
5.  Take a cross-country road trip in an RV.

  1. Write a post answering the above questions, and post it today (or as soon as you can).
  2. Grab the button code, and add it to your post.
  3. Come back to us to link up said post.
  4. Grab a big glass of sweet tea, and meet the ladies ’round our Mississippi Women Bloggers table! 
So there you have it!  Some of the questions were somewhat difficult for me to answer.  Like the one about what I'll be doing in 5 years!  Please!  I haven't thought past Christmas of this year!  ;-D

But that's how busy it can be around here on Ferrell Farm especially when it comes to planning the future with . . .

                         the Ferrell boys and me!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pizza Quesadillas = Yum!

I'm always trying to find new and yummy snacks for my Ferrell boys.   At a Little League game this past summer, one of the fathers suggested I try making pizza quesadillas for my boys.

I did and it was a HIT!  :)  Here's what I did . . .

Pizza Quesadillas

First, I generously buttered the flat skillet.  I use real butter.

Once the griddle is heated up and the butter is melted, I lay the flour tortilla on the griddle.

Working quickly, you spread pizza sauce over the flour tortilla . . .

Next I layered the pizza topping on the sauce, starting with the cheese and then adding the pepperoni.  I only put the pepperoni on half the tortilla because I am going to fold it in half.

After layering on the toppings, you then fold over the tortilla.   You then grill both sides of the quesadilla until it is golden brown and the cheese is melted.

Cut the quesadillas in half or in quarters and serve with dipping sauce of your choice.  My boys ate them without any sauce.  And my boys ate and ate and ate them!  Thanks to Aaron and Kim L. for sharing this idea with me!

Fast and Delicious!  Ingredients we always have on hand!  This was definitely a winning recipe for . . .

                                  the Ferrell boys and me!