Monday, October 7, 2013

Warmth and Comfort of Home

Tonight we had a pee wee football game in Columbus at Victory Christian Academy.  

(I took my camera, but I didn't take any pictures so I'm using some pictures from our other games.  I was too caught up in the game to remember to take pictures!  Ha!)

It was cold.

It was true football weather.  :)

The pee wee Vikings won the game 22 to 8!  Yay!  I'm one proud momma!

Did I mention it was cold.

It was late when we got home.

We were so happy when we pulled into the garage.

Home.  Where it is nice and warm and cozy.

Home.  Where our beds and pajamas are waiting for us.

Everyone quickly changed into their pajamas and scurried off to bed. . . . except for me!  I have a blog post to write!  

About Comfort and Home.  

                           With the Ferrell boys and me!

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