Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Day in my Life - Thursday

It's been a while since I've blogged.  I just haven't been in the mood.  Yet while I haven't been in the mood to blog, I have been constantly taking pictures of stuff I want to blog about! Ha!

So I decided to write about an ordinary day in my life.  I picked last Thursday.  Here's what it's like to be me with 3 boys:

Last year for Shane's birthday party we used a pirate theme.  Here's a link to read about that party - Shane's Pirate Birthday Party.

I had so much stuff left over from that party that it's embarrassing. Dave wanted me to throw it away.  "It's just creating clutter in your office?" he would say.  But I just couldn't waste perfectly good Pirate party stuff!  So I told Shane's first grade teacher, Miss Pam, that I would bring it to school on the next to last school day for an impromptu pirate party.  :)

Left-over, I had 2 packs of pirate hats, a dozen plus of bandanas, eye patches, mustaches, coins, compasses, and bead necklaces.  
I spent Thursday morning dressing little pirates at the school.

I also had pirate crafts left over --  little wooden pirate and princess masks to decorate and pirate monkey kits with stickers that I got from Dollar Tree. Somehow at Shane's party, I forgot to bring them out!   So I passed them out for the school children to take home.

And the pinata!  I totally forgot the pinata the day of Shane's party. So I filled up the pinata and we hung it up on the playground for the school children.

Candy and prizes fell to the ground and there was mad chaos as the little pirates tried to get their loot!

After the pirate "party," Shane and I left the school and went home in time for me cook lunch.  Zach and Alex were through with their exams so they didn't go to school at all that day.

For lunch I made Monte Cristo Sandwiches. 

They were delicious and the boys have since requested I make them again.  Recipe to follow in another blog post.

I had to wash clothes, specifically baseball uniforms.  

It's that time of year again.  And every year I question the sanity of the coaches in picking white baseball pants.

I wash clothes every chance I get because I have a tremendous amount to wash.  This space in my house is lovingly called Mt. Washmore by me.  :/

Things in my kitchen . . .  my mother's day flowers from Shane:

Notice the printer behind it . . . left there from end of year history reports.  It's back in my office now.

On one of the chairs at the kitchen table . . .  I don't know why . . .

On the bar in the kitchen I found this . . . evidence of Spring football practice and little league practice . . .

On the Kitchen counter I found tomato plants . . .  for the Noxubee County Tomato Battle . . .  :D

I was still washing and drying clothes while I taking this tour of the random things in my kitchen.

In the living room is our pet rabbit - Runner.  Feed, water, and changed his litter box. Check.

Checked on the new puppy:  Rowdy Rebel.  Feed, water, and walked him. Check.

Popped the frozen macaroni and cheese in the oven and got ready for the Athletic Banquet.  Check.  Alex and Zach have baseball practice too . . . at the same time as the Athletic Banquet.  

We dropped Alex off at baseball practice on the way to the Athletic banquet and that's when I realized I had totally forgotten Shane's Coach Pitch practice.  Oops.

We dropped Shane off at Nana's and headed to Athletic Banquet.

Zach got a Basketball Participation Award.

And a Booster Club All Sports Award.

The Junior Varsity Basketball team was recognized at the banquet.

And the Coach made remarks about Zach personally . . . picture is a little blurry . . . I think I was laughing.  

After the Athletic Banquet, Zach went to baseball practice.

Alex had already been at practice for an hour and half by the time Zach got there.  He was tired and thirsty.  I had forgotten to leave any water for him.  :/

We got home about 9:30 that night.  It was a long day.  And I didn't get any work done in my office!  I don't know how mommas get it all done that have full time jobs?!?

But this is just what it's like on an ordinary day with . . . 

                             the Ferrell boys and me!