Sunday, September 7, 2014

Menu Monday - Week of September 8, 2014

It feels so good to get back into the menu planning routine.  Below is the menu I've planned for this coming week:

Monday:  Spaghetti and Garlic Bread

Tuesday:  Chicken Fajitas and Mexican Rice

Wednesday:  Crockpot:  Roast & Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Carrots, and English Peas

Thursday:  Pizza

Friday:  Eating out!  Home Football Game!  Go Vikings!

Saturday:  We have 2 birthday parties on Saturday so we're leaving the day open as far as meals are concerned.  Probably Pizza for supper.

Sunday:  Homecoming at Elon Baptist Church so we'll probably eat lunch with them

Sunday Supper:  Three Cheese Voila!  

And that is my plans for this week's dinners for . . .

                             the Ferrell boys and me!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Manic Monday

It's crazy at Ferrell Farm right now.

Not just crazy because of  3 little wild boys, but crazy with disorganization i.e. school schedules, football practice, homework, and life of 3 very active little boys.

I've got to get control.  My first response to chaos in my life is to make a list.  Make a plan.

The first problem area is dinnertime meals.  I have had no plan therefore we have been eating pizza and corndogs and McDonalds or KFC most nights for supper.  Yuck!

The second problem area is my messy cluttered house.  Summer with 3 boys at home added a lot of clutter and mess to my sanctuary from work.  My home is not my sanctuary when it's messy and cluttered.  

So that's where I'm going to start. . . first with a Meal Plan.  I've used menu plans many times, but always seem to drop my menu plans during the summer when our schedules are so irregular with ball practices and games and vacations.

September 1st seems like a great time to start planning our meals!

Here we go:

Monday:  Chili Dogs 

Tuesday:  BBQ Baked Chicken / Pasta Sides / Green Bean Bundles

Wednesday:  Crockpot:  Roast Beef Sandwich with Gravy/ 
          Cole Slaw

Thursday:  Sloppy Joes / Sweet Potato Fries

Friday:  Hamburgers / Fries

Saturday:  Baby Back Ribs / Baked Potatoes / Mac & Cheese /          Baked Beans

Sunday:  Lunch:  Baked Chicken / leftover Mac & Cheese /              Purple Hull Peas / Cole Slaw / Cornbread

Sunday Supper:  Chicken Noodle Casserole / Peas / Rolls
Now to tackle the messy cluttered house problem.  I've decided to take strategic assault on the clutter by focusing on one room a week.  There are 16 weeks until the week of Christmas so I divided my house into 16 sections or rooms.  I wrote each room on a slip of paper.  

Shane drew out one slip from the vase . . .

and randomly determined that the boys' bathroom would be my focus area for this week.

Now I'm still going to continue cleaning my entire house daily/weekly, but I'm going to focus on the boy's bathroom and try to de-clutter and organize that area specifically during this week. I'm also going to try and complete some of the areas in the boys' bathroom that we haven't finished since building the house.

Here's a peak at the boys' bathroom as it is right now:

Seriously messy and no place to hang up hand towels . . .

No doorknobs.

No mirrors . . . lighting issues . . .

No place to hang up towels . . . no shower curtain . . .

Wow!  What a mess!  I honestly wouldn't have picked the boys' bathroom to start my de-clutter/clean up mission, but now I think it was a good thing their bathroom was chosen.

Looks like I'll be cleaning out some cabinets and shopping for mirrors, towel hangers, shower curtains, light bulbs, and doorknobs this week!  Wonder if I can get it all done in just a week!?!

And so begins another attempt at organization with . . .

                                  the Ferrell boys and me!