Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Inspiration at Church

I'm so ready to decorate for Fall.  

I've been too busy lately to get out and pick up some mums and pumpkins from the store, but after seeing the beautiful Fall decorations at church this past week, I'm feeling more than a little motivated!

That's the Altar table at the front of the church.  And up on the stage, the decorating divas put some old doors as a backdrop for more mums and pumpkins!  So cute!

The overall look is awesome for church!

And also inspiring me to get some mums and pumpkins of my own for our Comfort and Home with . . . 

                                the Ferrell boys and me!


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  1. So cool!!! My husband is a pastor and, after seeing this, we are going to "steal" the door idea for Christmas sets. :)


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