Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday #4

I'm linking up with some other blogs to share

Five on Friday with the Ferrell boys and me!

[ 1 ]     Homecoming Game.

We had our School Homecoming game this past Friday night.  I posted pictures from the Homecoming Parade last Friday, but I didn't show you the cute homecoming goodies that Dave and I gave the boys.

My friend, Robin, owns the Parker Florist, a gift and floral shop in town, and she made these cute football happies for the boys and delivered them to the school for me.

I don't normally send the boys goodies to school.  I usually make my own goodies and give it to the boys before school or when I pick them up from school.  Having happies made at a shop in town and delivered can be expensive when you multiply it times 3 boys.  :)

But I have been busy at work, and I wanted to do something special for the boys as a surprise.  Shane had the great idea for the boys to put all their candy together in one bowl and share it.  Isn't that sweet?

[ 2 ]     Paparazzi Jewelry.

My paparazzi jewelry came in the mail on Saturday.  I was so excited!  Here's a screenshot of my order:

As you can see, even at $5 a piece, it added up to me being broke!  Ha!  But I am one stylin' broke woman!

[ 3]     Church Sign Team.

One of the young ladies at church has felt led to start a Sign Team at our church to participate during some of the music worship.  I "signed" up to be on the team!  We had our first practice Sunday afternoon.

It will only be through God's grace that I learn how to do this without making the whole group look bad!  I am not coordinated!  We are learning the signs to go with "Joy to the World" and will be performing during part of the Christmas special at our church.  Here is an example of what we are trying to do:

So far, I've enjoyed learning it, but I've got to quit practicing the signs while I'm driving!  Ha!

[ 4 ]     Teaching myself to Knit.

Yes.  I'm teaching myself to knit.  I'm making a scarf.  This is all I've gotten made so far.

 I haven't gotten a rhythm in knitting like I do with crocheting.  But I'm going to keep at it!  I'll let y'all know when I get finished.

[ 5 ]    Shane's in Love.

Yes.  It's true.  He came home from school and the first thing he said to me was, "Mom, I'm in Love."

Not what I was expecting him to say.  Here's what happened according to Shane.

The little girl gave him a note that said "Shane, Love Aly Cat."  The little girl's name is Aly.  And she is really cute.  Princess-cute.

I wanted to see the note.  Being a lawyer, I need to see evidence to support these allegations of love.  But he left it at school.  Based on the credibility of his testimony, I have chosen to believe him.  :)

Here's what he said, (with a dreamy look and smile on his face), "Mom, I'm in Loooovvvve.   Aren't you glad?  Really.  I'm so in Looooveeee."

So there's my Five on Friday!  Hope you've enjoyed this quick look into the past week (mostly spent in the Comfort of my Home) with . . .

 the Ferrell boys and me!

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