Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hometown Comfort - Dancing Rabbit Festival

If you live in a small town in the South, then your town probably has some kind of annual festival.

My home town has its annual Dancing Rabbit Festival. 

In a state with catfish, cotton, and sweet potato festivals, why did we name our's Dancing Rabbit?

It comes from a historical event that occurred in our county.  The Dancing Rabbit Treaty was signed in my home county.  It is through this Treaty that Mississippi got 25 of its counties from the native Indians.   That's where we got the name.  :)

This years marked the 27th annual festival.  My boys love it.  Dave and I love it.  

Dave and I love it so much (not really) that 12 years ago, we got married on Dancing Rabbit Festival day! Ha!  I hated to miss the festival that year, but it was definitely worth it!  Love you Dave!

Every year, I get a picture of my boys (or at least some of my boys) with the Dancing Rabbit.  Zach had run off with his friends.

And because my sister and I love looking back at old pictures of the boys . . . 

Here is Shane at his first Dancing Rabbit Festival.

And Alex and Zach, that same year . . .

The boys love riding the train.  Woo Woo!

But this year they didn't have the train.  :(

The boys still had a great time.  The music was great.  They had lots of inflatables to jump on and that kept all 3 boys busy.

The boys love all the toys the vendors sell in some of the booths.  I set a limit of 1 toy per child.  Shane got an automatic gun.  Just like his best friend Colt.  They were running around shooting at each other.  So not cool.  
Sorry Bro. Gerald!

Shane went to the Jumpers and set his gun down to jump.  Then when he came out, the gun was gone.

He came and got me and showed me where he left it.  "I left it right here with my shoes."  So glad they didn't get his shoes too.

He got another toy.  He's too young to understand how rotten life can be, and I didn't want him to understand just yet.  

After a looooong day at the festival, I was ready to come home and take a nap!  In the comfort of my home! (Trying to make it relate to my October writing topic.)

But then being the good mother that I am . . . I got up at 10 o'clock that night and took the boys to their school for the PTA 's 4th annual haunted house -- Sam's Revenge!  Here we are waiting in line:

Ended up . . . even though Shane begged to go . . . actually woke me up to go . . . He chickened out!  Ha!

He's only 5 years old!  I was shocked he even stood in line.  In fact, when we got to the door to go in with our group, Alex and Shane both chickened out.  

Alex ended up going in with another group of older boys and a teacher . . . but he confessed later that he held onto one of the boys' coat tails and closed his eyes most of the time!  Zach went through the haunted house twice.  He loved it!

When the last person went through and before any others showed up, the security guy with the haunted house offered to let me and Shane walk through with the lights on so he could see everything.  But once we got in . . . even with Mr. Richard G. escorting us AND with the lights on . . . Shane wouldn't go through it!

All 3 boys slept in our room that night!  Shane slept between me and Dave!  Zach and Alex slept on the floor in their sleeping bags. 

All in all . . . we had a great day.  
(I'll post about our photo shoot at the Refuge we had earlier that morning before going to the Dancing Rabbit Festival --  that part was not too great.)

But still all in all . . . it was a great day for 

                          the Ferrell boys and me!

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