Thursday, October 31, 2013

Haunted Hayride Anyone?

Every year my Parents' church has a hayride and wiener roast.  We love going to it.  This year was no exception.  Nana and Pawpaw are always great help for my boys at the wiener roast.

Elon Baptist does wiener roasts the old fashioned way . . . with sharpened sticks!  Most of them had multiple pointed ends which made roasting multiple wieners so much easier!  I just bummed a roasted hotdog from Nana for my supper.  :)

Isn't this picture of Alex with Pawpaw so cute?

While I was enjoying my delicious frito chili pie waiting for the hayride to begin, I got to give my sweet Shane a hug and kiss.  Don't you just love my cowboy hat and braids!

Time for the hayride!  Nana and Shane!

Zach and Alex!

When we got back to the church after the hayride . . . Shane had a new girlfriend!  :)

After the Elon Baptist Church hayride and wiener roast, we stopped at the Lazy U Farm for their Haunted Hayride.  (Shane went home with Nana)

Laycee and Kaylee also went to the Elon hayride and followed us to the haunted hayride too!  Thank goodness!  I would have been too intimidated to go on the haunted hayride without them!  

These three are ready to be scared!

So it was pitch black out in the woods . . . eerie sounds everywhere . . . and then you hear the sound of a chain saw!  

(These pictures aren't great because it was so dark out there, and I couldn't even see what I had my camera pointed towards.)

Oops!  Did someone lose a coffin?!?

Laycee has a tight grip on Kaylee!

Oh my goodness. . . . what is that following us in the woods . . .

Oh no!  It's jumped up in the hayride with us!  

And then mysteriously disappeared!

There were all kinds of creatures jumping out at us and jumping up on the hayride . . . I couldn't get pictures of everything!  

This was a very disturbing fall arrangement!

When the hayride was over . . . and we had survived . . . they dropped us off at the corn maze and basically said find your way back to the farm . . . through the corn maze . . . in the dark!

Uh which way do we go?

We made it out!  But not before hearing lots of creepy noises in the corn . . .  and not before a couple of scary creatures jumped out at us and chased us!  

Actually, one scary creature in particular grabbed me!  Scared me to death!  When he released me . . . this is what had me!  The chainsaw guy!

Apparently my terror was quite humorous because he got to laughing at me and then revealed himself to me.  Turns out most of the creatures in the forest were people I go to church with!  Funny.  Not!

But actually we had a great time.  It's supposed to be serious thunderstorms tonight or I would probably go again!  

But even though we love going on a hayride, whether it's haunted or not, there's nothing we love more than going home to the comfort of our own beds at Ferrell Farm where there are no creatures hiding in the dark except for . . .

                              the Ferrell boys and me!

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