Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Once Upon a Time . . .

There lived a lady lawyer who had a wonderful husband and 3 sweet little boys.  This precious family lived in the country on a farm in a newly built house.  

The lady lawyer worked all day at her job  . . . teaching the college kids . . . defending the poor criminals . . . representing the less fortunate . . . and didn't have time to decorate or complete the many unfinished projects of her newly built house.

Until the lady lawyer came up with a plan.  A plan to slowly. . . one room at a time . . . one project a week (or more) decorate and finish the unfinished parts of her newly built house.

You get to be a part of this journey.  A witness to the many trials and detours that befall the lady lawyer as she attempts to complete this epic journey into home "do it yourself" world.

Will she complete any of her projects?  Will she have to hire someone to fix her mistakes?  Only time will tell.

Ha!  Does it sound like I've totally lost reality!?!  :-D

Yes!  Because I am the lady lawyer!  And I totally need to finish my house!  

I'm working on a 31 Day Writing Challenge in October where my topic to write on is "Comfort and Home."  Everyone would agree with me that part of being in Comfort at Home is having a nice pleasant place to live.  That is exactly what I'm trying to create for my family as I slowly work through each room of my house. Comfort at Home.  :)

My first room to work on was my breakfast nook.  It was plain.  I have a 5 person family, but I only had 3 chairs at my table!  There were many areas of the breakfast nook that needed to be completed.  Here's the before:

You can read about the beginning of this project in my earlier post:

Makeover Monday -- Beginning In The Breakfast Nook

So here's my plan to makeover the Breakfast Nook . . . my list of things to do . . .

1.  Hang some curtains.
2.  Paint the back door.
3.  Clean the grout in the floor tiles.
4.  Refinish and paint the kitchen table and chairs.
5.  Buy more chairs for the table.
6.  Find some bar stools.  (We have a bar, but no bar stools.)

1.  Hang some curtains.

The Ferrell boys and I hung some curtains that I had from an earlier apartment.  I made them a long time ago, before I was married, and they are some of my favorite curtains.  I was really happy to find a way to incorporate them in my new house.  

2.  Paint the back door.  

Yes, we had lived in the house almost 3 years and I still hadn't painted the back door.  Read about it in:

Makeover Monday -- Patio Door Finally Finished!

3.  Clean the grout in the floor tiles.

With some help from Zach, I got my grout cleaned and even refreshed the color.  
Read about cleaning grout and how I changed the color of my grout in these posts:

Makeover Monday - Grout Cleaning

4.  Refinish and paint the kitchen table and chairs.

I stripped and sanded down my kitchen table.  I purchased new chairs and a new bench.  I stained the table to match the chairs and Voila' . . . I have a new kitchen table and chairs.  Read about the table transformation in this post:

Makeover Monday - Kitchen Table

5.  Buy more chairs for the table.

My sister and I went shopping for new chairs and bar stools one day in Tuscaloosa.  I did find the bar stools that I wanted, but I ended up getting the chairs from Walmart.  Read about our trip and how I picked out the bar stool in these posts:

Saturday Sister Fun in Tuscaloosa!

Makeover Monday - Bar Stools and Chairs

6.  Find some bar stools.  (We have a bar, but no bar stools.)

I did it all but buy the bar stools.  I picked out the bar stools I wanted, but I haven't been back to Tuscaloosa to get the rest of the stools.  :)  So far now I only have one bar stool.  Ha!

And now I'm finished with the breakfast nook for now.  Here's what it looks like now:

Oh, you can read in the following post how I made the Ferrell Farm sign you see above the window:

Makeover Monday: Ferrell Farm Sign

There's still a lot more I could do in this area, but I feel the need to move on to another room.  

The Family Room maybe . . . 

Here's a snapshot of my Family Room as it looks tonight:

Pretty sad and unloved.  :(

Here's my list of To-Do projects for this room:

1.  Hang some window blinds.
2.  Hang some curtains.

3.  Finish putting porcelain tile around the fireplace.
4.  Get a mantel for the fireplace.
5.  Come up with something for above the fireplace which includes the television.

6.  Get some built-in bookshelves for next to the fireplace.

7.  Paint the wall a different color.  I hate the color I picked out when we built the house.  

8.  Do a gallery wall of pictures along the main back wall.

9.  Clean up the clutter that's accumulated around the room.  Find a way to organize the dvds, video games, and board games in the room.  This wardrobe isn't working out too great.  Love the piece of furniture, so I need to figure out a way to use it in the room so that it helps to keep the mess organized and hidden away.

It's sad that I have Easter baskets sitting on top of the wardrobe still.  Really sad.  Ha!  And duct tape holding the door shut because Shane has hidden my key and won't give it back!  

10.  And of course, buy all new furniture!  Ha!  Furniture that is Ferrell-proof!  

I know this was a long post, but hopefully, I will make some headway during this 31 Day Writing Challenge into bringing some Comfort and Home to our Family Room for

                          the Ferrell boys and me!

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