Monday, January 14, 2013

Makeover Monday -- Beginning In The Breakfast Nook

I'm trying to be more organized with my blog.  I am constantly doing things around the house and taking pictures with the intent to "blog" about it . . . but so many times I don't follow through with my plans.

Well I'm going to try and change that . . . I may be taking on more than I can actually do!  :)  We'll see!

We moved in this house over two years ago, and I still don't have pictures hanging on the walls . . . still don't have doorknobs on some of the doors . . . still don't have mirrors hanging in the bathrooms . . . I could go on and on.

I decided to try and slowly get my house in order beginning with the breakfast area. . . .

The back door needed to be painted . . .

My kitchen table used to have 6 chairs . . . we are down to 3 chairs . . . there are 5 people in the family. . .

The porcelain tile floor was pretty, but the grout was not . . . Dave mixed some grout sealer stuff in the grout when he laid the floor, and supposedly, we weren't ever gonna have to seal the floor in the future . . . Seeing how dirty the grout has become over these past 2 years . . . I'm thinking that grout sealer stuff didn't work!

This is the tile underneath the table . . .  See how dirty the grout had gotten in some places . . . yuck!

So here's my Makeover Breakfast Nook plan . . . my list of things to do . . .

1.  Hang some curtains.
2.  Paint the back door.
3.  Clean the grout in the floor tiles.
4.  Refinish and paint the kitchen table and chairs.
5.  Buy more chairs for the table.
6.  Find some bar stools.  (We have a bar, but no bar stools.)

I started making over the breakfast area this summer.  First I unpacked some balloon curtains I had in my apartment back when I was single . . . 11 years ago.  I had made these curtains for my sunroom in the apartment on 8th street.  I loved that room.  I loved those curtains, but I just didn't have anywhere to put them in my old house on West Street . . . besides they are pink . . . not really a color that goes with boys!  Ha!

I hung them up temporarily to see if I would like them, and we lived with them for a couple of weeks before I committed to the curtains permanently.

I decided that I liked them and proceeded to hang them . . . with the Ferrell boys' help.

And then I painstakingly pulled the strings to make the curtains "balloon" up the way I wanted. . . . .

It took a while and many times working with the strings . . . but I finally got the curtains the way I wanted.  I'm really pleased with the end result.  I think the curtains go great with the paint color too.

My next item on the list . . .   Paint the back door!  That should make for an exciting blog post!  Ha!

So door painting next week for Makeover Monday with

                            the Ferrell boys and me!

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