Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays - Mini Pizzas

I cook a lot.  I actually enjoy cooking and trying new recipes.  The Ferrell boys love to cook too, but they don't like trying new recipes!  :)

Sometimes the boys help me cook and sometimes I plan meals especially for the boys to cook! 

The best time to let the boys help me prepare supper are those nights when Dave is working.  He isn't very comfortable with the boys handling his food!  Ha!

The last week when Dave was working at night, I let the boys make their own mini pizzas using can biscuits.  Preparation is the key for success when cooking with the boys.  This picture is a little dark but it shows how I laid out all the pizza toppings for them . . .  cheese, pepperoni, pizza sauce, and bacon pieces . . .

I also laid a sheet of tin foil out for each boy to roll his biscuit out on.  I ended up taping the tin foil down onto the table because it kept moving when the boys were trying to roll it out.

We used the rolling pins I bought for each of the boys this past Christmas . . . so each boy had his own rolling pin to use.

Shane had a great time sprinkling the flour onto his tin foil sheet. 

Rolling out the biscuits and then adding the pizza sauce . . . The boys were careful and precise in spreading the sauce out.  Alex rolled out all 3 of his biscuits and then added the sauce.

Shane rolled out each biscuit and added the sauce to each pizza individually. 

This is a fun activity for little ones.  :)

Zach even made a little pizza for me.  Sometimes he can be so sweet.

The boys loved making their own mini pizzas with the canned biscuits so much . . . we actually had them two nights that week while Dave was at work.

My sweet sweet Shane . . .  the Pizza Chef . . .

He says . . .  "You have to pat it like this Momma."  :)

Our biscuit-crust mini pizzas before going in the oven -- made the Ferrell boys way!  Pretty tasty looking!

A close-up of the finished pizza . . . after it has cooked according to the biscuit can directions.  Yum!

The mini pizzas were such a hit with the Ferrell boys that I used two cans of the biscuits to make a homemade pizza for our Family Fun Movie night.  (Can you tell that the biscuits were on sale?)

It turned out so good too!  But after two nights of mini pizzas and then Friday night's large homemade pan pizza  . . . all in the same week . . . We probably won't be having these pizzas for a while at the Ferrell household!  We kind of burned ourselves out on these!  But just know . . . they were pretty good! 

And I always have a can of biscuits in the refrigerator for quick snacks and meals for

                                 the Ferrell boys and me!

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