Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

We've been celebrating the start of a brand New Year at Ferrell Farm. 

Dave took Alex to town that morning so he could spend some of his Christmas money.  Zach and Shane decided to stay at home with me . . .                 I wonder why . . .

The boys got 4-wheelers for Christmas -- even little Shane. 

They loved the 4-wheelers!  Even though it was very cold outside, they insisted on bundling up and riding for a little while.

They also got those fleece jackets and hats for Christmas.  I was able to find the jackets in each of the boys' favorite colors! 

For the past two years, we've spent New Year's eve with one of our favorite families, the Higginbothams.  We planned to continue this tradition again this year, but unfortunately, my sweet friend, Laycee, developed fever that day and we had to postpone our party plans. . . . well . . . not ALL the party plans.  :)

Laycee and I had gotten together before New Year's and planned some fun family activities for us to do as we counted down to the New Year.  The Ferrell boys and I still enjoyed the many activities at our home . . . wishing we could be with the Higginbothams . . . who were enjoying their activities at their home.

First,  Laycee and I had planned a simple menu of soup and sandwiches.  She was going to make a Cheesy Chicken Chowder that we all love, and I was going to make some Poppy seed Ham & Cheese Sandwiches to go along with it -- (without the poppy seeds because the Ferrell boys are picky about poppy seeds).  We still ate the sandwiches at my house along with Cheetos and chips & dip.

Second, we had planned on "counting down" to the New Year by planning activities for each hour until midnight.  We decided to start at 7 o'clock.  We bought brown paper sacks and some little happies from the Dollar Tree.  Besides planning an activity for each hour, we also planned to have a little happy in a paper bag for each hour for each child and adult.  When the evening plans were changed due to illness, I altered some of the activities to better suit my boys.  Some of mine and Laycee's activities included making and decorating sugar cookies which I didn't want to do by myself . . . and at my house.  :)

Here's how I planned the Ferrell boys' Count Down to New Year 2013:

* 7 o'clock - In the Bags:  Party hats and blowers.  Activity:  Time to Eat :)

* 8 o'clock - In the Bags:  Glow Necklaces & Rings.  Activity:  Play new Wii games.

* 9 o'clock - In the Bags:  Sharpie Markers & Mug.  Activity:  Decorate the mugs.

I found the idea on pinterest for making the mugs, but I couldn't find the original website with the instructions . . . so I searched for the information on Google and found directions. 

Once you decorate the ceramic mugs with the Sharpie markers, then you bake them in a pre-heated oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and then your designs should be permanent.

* 10 o'clock - In the Bag:  Slap Hand toy & Inflatable heart.  Activity:  Play board game.
  We also took a break for some ice cream cones with chocolate shell coating.

* 11 o'clock - In the Bag:  Glitter glue sticks.  Activity:  Decorate foam picture frames.  Or that was the plan, but none of the boys stuck to the plan.  They each decorated the foam pieces exactly the way they wanted . . .

Alex's artwork
Shane busy at work.
Zach's artwork.
* 12 o'clock - In the Bag:  Plastic "champagne" cups.  Activity:  Fireworks

The boys thought the little plastic champagne glasses that I got at Dollar Tree were cool.   They've been drinking their milk and apple juice out of them for the past couple of days now.

The wind was up too bad to do any major fireworks display so Dave just popped a few firecrackers.

The boys also popped their party poppers I gave them as a little party favor.

Dave helped Shane with his poppers.  Shane was too little to pull the string by himself.

I found this cute printable to go with the party poppers at Tatertots and Jello.

We ended the night by toasting the New 2013 Year with hot chocolate and mini marshmallows in our newly decorated mugs.

We had a great time together bringing in the New Year as a family with family-friendly activities.

I found the idea for Counting Down to New Year with activities for each hour at The Dating Divas and also at the Happy Home Fairy.  You can get some great ideas from both of these sites for your marriage and family.

I found the cute New Year's Resolution printable at

So everyone's fired up and ready for 2013 at Ferrell Farm.  What about at your home?

Happy New Year to you and yours from . . .

                               the Ferrell boys and me

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