Monday, January 21, 2013

Makeover Monday -- Patio Door Finally Finished!

I started making improvements to the Breakfast Nook earlier this summer.  The boys and I hung the curtains and then I started painting the back door.  We had never painted the back door after we moved in . . . Someone (probably my Daddy) wiped their paintbrush on the door . . . leaving a nice white smear . . . but other than that . . .the door was unpainted and plain.

I first "primed" the door.  I had to paint the moulding around the window panes too.  I started painting around the windows without taping it off . . . which wasn't very smart.  I got a lot of paint on the windows.  :(

So I decided to tape off the windows before I continued painting the door.  Taping off windows is a tedious process, but it beats scraping paint off windows!  I painted a coat of white on the door.  Even though I had primed the door, it still needed two coats of white paint.  It was that last coat of white paint that I just didn't seem to have the time to do.

I started painting the door around June 6th . . .  You probably noticed the blue taped windows in some of my pictures.

Here is a picture from Halloween . . . See the pretty blue tape . . .

Thanksgiving . . .  Pretty blue tape . . .

Christmas  . . . Still pretty blue tape on the windows . . .

Even as recently as our Snow Day . . . still pretty blue tape . . .

So today I got all my paint supplies out and put on my painting clothes and tackled this project that's been taunting me for months!  :)

I waited a little while and pulled the blue tape off.  And there waiting for me was the paint on the window panes . . .  Oh no!  Now I have to scrape the paint off the windows . . . or do I?

Zach volunteered to help me scrape the windows.  It was so nice to have a little help.

And finally . . . the patio door is painted.  Yea!  Oh and check out those icicle lights hanging on the back patio . . . I'm trying to charm the snow back!  :)  Oh and see our sweet momma cat peaking in at us!

Number 2 on my list is completed!  Now to move on to Number 3!  Clean the grout in the floor tiles!

Now that is going to involve some effort!  But I have a plan!  So next Makeover Monday I'm going to tackle cleaning the grout in the floor tiles and demonstrating a product for changing the color of your grout . . . if you're not happy with the color you picked . . . or the color your husband picked!  ;D

So it's grout cleaning for next week's Makeover Monday with . . .
                               the Ferrell boys and me!


  1. It’s such a big relief when you finish one of the projects that you’ve wanted to do for a long time, right? I love your door much better that way. The blue tape was blocking the view outside, but now you can fully see it. Glad you have Zach to help you with this.

    >Maricela Milum

  2. Finally, it’s finished! It must have been a really big relief for you to finish this project. It’s not so nice to see an unfinished project and you can’t do anything about it because you just have no time for it. Having a finished patio door is a great way to start the year. May you have a prosperous 2013!

    +Terry Arnold

  3. It’s perfectly understandable to make a mistake the first time. The good news is that you managed to finish painting your door, without breaking the glass, and with the help of Zach. ^_^

    Marla Hinds

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