Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby Shower Times Two!

Today I helped some ladies in my church host a baby shower for two of my friends (who also go to the same church).  We had a great time!

I wanted to make the mommas-to-be something  . . . like a diaper cake or maybe one of those cute diaper motorcycles . . . but now that I'm back working full-time . . . I just don't have the time to make diaper motorcycle cakes thingys.  :(

I saw this cute stork carrying a diaper bundle on pinterest.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find the original source for this project.

Pinned Image

I think the stork was made with a cricut machine.  I actually have a cricut, but I don't have the stork cartridge.  I also didn't have time to unpack my cricut and vinyl. 

Fortunately I know someone who's better than a cricut . . . my sweet friend, Myra.  She's a very talented lady, and she made two storks out of poster paper and painted them up with a cute little baby.

I made the diaper bundles using a soft blanket, diapers, and a box of baby wipes.  It was really easy to put together.  I used a rubber band on each diaper to keep it rolled up.  I used a big rubber band to hold the diapers onto the baby wipe box.  I just would carefully stick the rolled up diaper under the rubber band . . . building it up until it was the right height.  I gathered the blanket up and used a rubber band to keep the blanket pulled up.  I also bought a ceramic blue cross to hang on the front.

It turned out pretty cute I think.  :)  We used the two diaper bundles on the food table as part of the decorations.  Here are the two sweet mothers-to-be posing for a picture:

The cupcake stands in the middle of the table are my cupcake stands from the boys' birthday parties.  I made it last year for Shane's cowboy birthday party and used it again for Alex's camping birthday party.

I stripped the western/camping scrapbook paper I had used to decorate the cupcake stands off and hot glued some white ball trim to the edges.  The cupcake stands fit together to make one round stand.  In the past I have always used them separately to display cupcakes and brownies, but I think the large round cupcake stand makes a nice centerpiece.

I got the instructions for making the cupcake stand from Martha Stewart HERE.

We had a great turn out from the church and their families.  The ladies got some wonderful gifts.

Almost . . . almost . . . made me wish for another baby . . . NOT!    Three Ferrell boys are enough!  :-D

We didn't play any baby shower games (Yea!), but every guest did take the time to write sweet messages of encouragement to the mothers-to-be on baby diapers . . .

Encouraging words for those 2 A.M. diaper changing moments . . .

It was a lot of fun for everyone!  I enjoyed the sweet fellowship with all my church lady friends and their daughters and sisters and aunts . . . .

Not something I get to do a lot of at the Ferrell Farm where there is always just . . .

                             the Ferrell boys and me!

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