Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shane's Cowboy Birthday Party

I've been planning Shane's birthday party for weeks now it seems.  I have  "pinned" everything I could find about cowboy birthday parties  . . .

For weeks I have been bending my sweet friend's ears about all my plans for his party . . . all the projects I've gotten off pinterest . . .

Now it is done.  The party was Saturday.  I think the party, itself, was a blast.  Definitely a hit with all the children that attended the party.

For Shane . . . not so much!  Ha!  He is so moody. . . and picky . . . and every bit an opinionated 4 year old!

First of all:  He didn't want any girls at his party.  Well I didn't take him seriously!  I mean, really, how could I not invite girls?!?

Second of all:  He only wanted to invite "3" boys he says . . . holding up 3 fingers to me.  Well I invited around 29 children . . . counting their siblings and all.

Let's just say that Shane was not happy with all the children at his party and especially not the girls!  Ha! 

Oh well . . . live and learn . . . :D

Here are a few pictures from the party . . .

My friend Robin and her husband, Billy, brought their horse and pony for the children to ride and a pretend cow to rope . . .

Here's Robin walking Brooks on the pony.

And Billy walking Ella on the horse. 

These are super great friends to bring their horses for my party and to walk the children on the horses . . . so that each child got to ride twice . . . I don't know how I will ever repay them for this  . . .

I made vests for the boys and girls.  The vests, along with the bandanas and cowboy hats, helped the children "cowboy up" for the party.  Here are some cutie cowboys at the party . . .

W.K. (Robin's son)

Cowgirl fun

Cowboy fun

Cowboys Ryan and Lex

Cowboy Luke
 The funny thing about little children is how much fun they can have with most anything!  Lots of the pictures I have are of the children on the Gator . . . Looks like fun driving all around in it, doesn't it?

Ha!  The battery was dead in it!  Did that deter those little cowboys and cowgirls?  Nope!  They still piled up in it and some of the children even pushed the others around the yard in it!

Marshal and Luke "riding" a truckload of cowboys!

Ryan, Lex, and MaryBeth (our cowgirl princess)
Shane doesn't like to get his picture taken so he makes it very difficult to get any cute birthday pictures!  I have very few pictures of him at the party!  My sister tried to take a picture of him riding the horses, and he turned his face away from her!  Aargh!

Besides the pony rides for the children, I also set up a western town made out of cardboard boxes for them to play in.

Here's Michelle's granddaughter, Taylor, posing for a cowgirl picture:

And her twin grandsons playing in the "Soda Saloon".

Mary Beth


After playing outside and riding ponies, everyone came inside to eat and open presents.  We had tables set up in the garage for everyone so that we could eat without worrying about bugs or wind!


Michelle's grandkids, Taylor, Peyton, & Ford
The party was held in the afternoon around 2 o'clock so I planned food more appropriate for snack time i.e., chicken nuggets, little smokies, chips and dip, chips and salsa, and desserts.

Harley & Bailey
I set up two tables for the children and used hay bales for seating.  It turned out pretty cute and very western-themed.

Shane wasn't interested in eating . . . all he wanted was to open presents!  He and his best buddy, Colt, tore through the gifts . . .

Those two boys have been best friends since birth . . . They wouldn't wear the cowboy vests I made nor the cowboy hats I bought . . . Ha!  All that work and the birthday boy could care less about it!

After opening all the presents, we sang "Happy Birthday" and cut the cake.

I made Shane's birthday cake. He wanted a cowboy cake with horses -- not cows! So I went to the Dollar store and found a western toy kit to use on the cake.  It's very unique, I think, because I haven't seen any cowboy cakes on the internet that had a western shoot-out theme!  Ha!

Shane and Alex both loved the cake! Alex couldn't wait to play with the cowboys and horses!

After eating cake, Shane and Colt decided to "chill out" and they both plopped down on the cooler and ate popcorn!  They are both such a mess!

Although I had gotten cowboy hats and bandanas for each of the children attending the party . . . and had made all the children cowboy vests too . . . I still had one more thing planned for them . . .  A Candy Table!

I found the cutest cowboy boot mugs in Oriental Trading and just had to get them for the party . . .

And filling them up with candy sounded like sooooo much fun . . .

I put the candy in various bowls on our coffee table so that everything would be easily accessible for the children.  I know most candy tables are set up a lot cuter than this, but I was more interested in it being easy for the little ones to get to without having to worry about them breaking anything!  We are talking about 3 and 4 year olds!

Doesn't it look like fun . . . 

Here's a picture of Nana helping her great-grandson at the candy table and look . . . there's Shane right beside him!  I can't believe I got a picture of the birthday boy!

And because they were too cute not to feature . . .

Cowgirl Bailey
I love this picture of cowboy Luke with the power ranger sword!  ha!

And his sister, Lane, who wasn't interested in dressing up like a cowgirl, but was tickled to death with the candy table!  So cute!

And as everyone was starting to leave, I realized that I hadn't even brought out the birthday presents that Dave and I had gotten Shane!  Isn't that funny?!?

From Zach . . .  a chain saw!  and tools!

From Alex . . . the Toy Story dinosaur flashlight!

And from me and Dave . . . the Toy Story Woody!

Shane was soooo cute opening the bag . . . I hope it is  . . .
                                                                                          is it . . .
                                                                                                    it is!  Woody! 

He has carried Woody everywhere with him and slept with it every night!  So funny!

Even though he wasn't very friendly or social during the party . . . I do know that Shane had a great time!  He's even said he wants to have another cowboy party!  Can you believe it!?!

I had a lot of fun planning the party, and it was very rewarding to see all the children having a great time.  But now I'm over it . . . and ready for something new to do . . . and Easter is just around the corner!  I've got to get started on that!  I love Easter! 

So for now  . . . we're packing up the cowboy hats . . . sweeping up the hay . . . and snacking on the leftover candy . . .

Tomorrow is actually Shane's birthday . . . so more birthday wishes to one little Ferrell boy

and lots of love to you from

                         the Ferrell boys and me!

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  1. Kids are so funny you did a great job even if Shane didn't care, maybe one day he'll look back and be glad you did.


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