Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Countdown to Shane's Party - 5 Days

Shane's birthday party is on Saturday.  I've been planning his party since February and slowly picking things up for it.  He originally picked a Superhero party theme but then changed his mind in the middle of February to a Cowboy party theme.

I'm excited!  I've always wanted to do a Cowboy/western themed party, but my other two boys have never asked for a cowboy party.  I would hint at a cowboy party, but they would always ask for some other type of party.

So with Shane's upcoming Cowboy party I may have gone a little overboard. . .  especially with my daily pinterest fix playing into it. . .

I'm not ready to reveal any of the actual party details yet . . . We're still working on them!  As soon as we finish these party projects, I'll post pictures and even a tutorial on what we did!  Let's just say that pinterest has inspired me, and the poor Ferrell boys have been drafted into the party planning world!  Ha!  Except for Shane, of course!

Here's some pictures of what we're doing . . .

I started a project on Sunday . . .

Yes I was the one using the jig saw!  My daddy has trained me well in many aspects of wood working!

I was shaking so badly from using the jig saw that I had to lay down for a few minutes!  Ha!  So I put Zach and Shane to work painting the wooden pieces.

Here's Shane's feet and the painted pieces with the first coat of paint . . .

And then I changed my mind and decided last night I wanted it to be painted brown . . .  So Zach got to work and painted everything brown!

I even put Alex to work this time!

What could we be making . . .

And while the boys were painting, I put Dave to work on a little pinterest project too!

He is so sweet!  Of course I was busy too!  We had to keep Shane occupied so all the party preparations would be a surprise . . . so I was inside with Shane while he got a bath! 

I have my own project that I've been working on for a couple of weeks . . . my painted burlap door hanger! 

I'm almost finished with it!  I've been working on it a little at a time . . . cause every time I get it out to work on it, one of the Ferrell boys will show up and want to help!  It usually takes about 10 minutes of their "help" before I decide to put it away for later!  Ha!

There's lots of birthday excitement building up at the farm with

                        the Ferrell boys and me!

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