Monday, March 19, 2012

Putting on a New Face!

On Saturday, my sweet sister, Michelle, had a party at her house for a new product to her, Jordan Essentials.  She went to one of the parties at someone else's home a couple of weeks ago and LOVED the facial products so much she wanted to host a party too!

Here is Michelle with the Jordan Essential consultant, Stephanie Cook.

It was a lot of fun mostly because the only people Michelle invited were her family and luckily that includes ME!  It was great to spend time with just the girls in our families and do some "girl talk" while we pampered ourselves!

Here is my momma and Vicky -- Michelle's daughter-in-law.

When I said only family -- I meant Michelle's family -- the Lees, Holcombes, and all the Fasons too!  It was great because we don't get to see the Fason side of the family very often!  This was the first time I've seen Vicky in person since she was actually married into the Fasons!

Michelle and my momma got up early and put together some snacks for us . . . Y'all know what great cooks they both are so you know I didn't plan on counting any WW points!

Momma made 2 dips . . . one was a heated spinach dip with tortilla chips . . . the other was made from a dip mix she got at Sassy.  Both were very good!  I personally like the dip mix from Sassy.  I ate way too much of it!  She and Michelle also made a Pampered Chef recipe that had carmelized onions and goat cheese on it.  It was good too, but I loved the desserts most of all . . . Here are the Profiterole Puffs:

These are filled with a delicious creme  . . . So good!  Michelle warned everyone to be careful eating them because the creme would pop out of the puff and I was very careful eating the TWO I had at her house.  Then I took Dave some home to try and took a big bite of one of those and squirted creme down the front of my shirt . . . on the floor . . . and on my bare toes!  Ha!  That's me -- Miss Graceful!

Michelle also made Strawberry Amaretta Pastries:

We had already started eating them when I remembered to take a picture!  The "amaretta" flavoring was really almond extract.  Dave really liked them.  Michelle altered the recipe a little . . . she made them open-faced instead of "sandwiching" the strawberry filling between a split puff pastry square.

And the third dessert Michelle fixed was a Chocolate Lattice Tart:

 I liked this one the best!  It was so good and Michelle said it was super easy to make.  All three of these dessert recipes are from the Pampered Chef!  So impressive looking and delicious to eat and easy to make!

Here's my first dessert plate . . .

Michelle and her daughter-in-law, Cheryl, have been using Jordan Essentials for a little while and they both love the product. 

When we got there, Stephanie, the consultant, did a spa treatment on our hands individually.  Nice :)

Then as a group we got a facial using the products.  Most everyone at the party tried the products on the back of their hands . . . not me!

Here Stephanie is applying the detoxifying clay mask to my face.  I came prepared for a facial . . . I didn't wear any makeup!

See Michelle in the background holding Zoe . . .

I really enjoyed the facial!  I'm going to start using the products and see if I can hinder the aging process on my face!  Go ahead and mark your calendars because I'm going to host a party at my house in May . . . Probably May 5th!  I'm still looking at dates, but if you are interested in coming to my party, let me know!  I loved the way my face felt after she was through with the facial.  AND Michelle and Stephanie's faces felt so soft!   Like a baby's b#tt!  Ha!

We had a great time!  Thanks Michelle for inviting me (like she had a choice!)

I'm going to spread some of that detoxifying clay mask on the Ferrell boys while they're sleeping and see if I can get some of those bad boy toxins out of them!  Ha! 

Until next time from

                          the Ferrell boys and me!

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