Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Memories of Comfort and Home

With Halloween activities starting this weekend, I started reminiscing about Halloweens in the past with the boys.  Most all of those Halloweens were while we were still living in the "old house."

This is a special Halloween for me because Shane is in K5 this year, and traditionally, the kindergarten class goes to the local nursing home in their costumes and sing some cute songs for the residents.  Shane's class will be going to the nursing home this year on Halloween day which is next Thursday.  I can't wait to see my littlest boy participate in this kindergarten tradition of the Ferrell boys.

Here are some of the pictures from when Zach, a/k/a black spiderman, was in the K5 class (2008).

And here is Alex during that same year (2008) in his K4 class as . . . Batman!

Then the next year (2009) when Alex was in the K5 class, he went with his class to the nursing home as  . . . Wolverine!

But when it came time to do some trick or treating that same year (2009), I got the pleasure of escorting 3 versions of Spiderman!

Shane was in one of his moods!  I had bought him a cute pumpkin costume, but he wanted to wear this old spiderman costume of Zach's . . . so that's what he wore!

He was pretty cute as Spiderman . . . even with the paci.

And he didn't take too long to figure out what do with all the Halloween candy!

And then traditionally, we always end up at home for a fun family Halloween party!  Here are the boys in our old home in 2008.  

These pictures bring so many fun memories with my boys at our old home.  We loved that place.  The boys still talk about the "old house."  Today even on the way to school, the boys were telling Shane about the fun times we had at the "old house."

Lots of fun times together.  

Lots of great memories of comfort and home for . . . 

                             the Ferrell boys and me!

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  1. Oh, the paci! My daughter used a paci and even though at the time I felt like it was ruining all the pictures I took of her, now I look back at them and can only smile!


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