Sunday, October 27, 2013

Harvest Carnival - It's a piece of cake!

Our PTA puts on a Harvest Carnival every year, and each class is assigned a booth for the carnival.   The home room mothers are responsible for organizing and setting up the booth for their class.

With 3 kids in the school, the odds are I am a home room mother for at least one of their classes.  Yea me!

This year my class (Alex's 4th grade class) was assigned the cake walk.  I'm actually excited about this.  I love cake!

I'm going to make some cupcakes for it, and I've been searching Pinterest for some cute Halloween cupcakes.  Here's some of the ones I liked:

1.  Mummy Cupcakes from

2.  Skeleton Cupcakes from Cookie and Cups

3.  Owl Cupcakes from She Knows

4.  Witch Cupcakes from Jamie Cooks It Up!

5.  Dirt and Worm Cupcakes from

6.  Mummy Cupcakes from

7. Spider Web Cupcakes from Aris Menu

8.  More Owl Cupcakes from Real Simple

Now I need to get busy making cupcakes because the Harvest Carnival is Tuesday night!  

Hopefully, I'll make some of these super cute cupcakes while in the comfort of my home (tying in the October topic) instead of buying pre-made cakes at the grocery!  

Baking and decorating cupcakes are easy-peasy fun for 

                         the Ferrell boys and  me!

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I'm linking up to the super fun parties!  Come join the fun!

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  1. These are so cute! #1 and #5 would be what I would have to make because they look the easiest! Can't wait to see which ones you make.


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