Thursday, October 24, 2013

Slumber Party Fun

My boys love to do everything  . . .  with ME!  Whether it's watch television, play video games, or camp out in the living room floor . . . they always want me to be there with them.

It's bizarre to me.  

I try to participate in all their activities . . . except I don't care about video games. . . at all.

They've quit asking me to play video games with them.  Thank goodness for that.

Yesterday morning, on the way to school, I surprised the boys with a family movie night/slumber party on a school night!  They were so excited.  We haven't done a movie night in a while.  With the weather getting chilly and the days getting shorter, I thought it was about time to start back the family movie night.

We usually do the movie nights on Friday nights, but with all the Halloween activities starting this weekend, I thought it would be fun to have the movie night on Thursday night instead.

I made the boys some spooky pajama bottoms and bought them some matching spooky t-shirts.

I had been planning to link up my blog with a fun pajama party link up, and I thought it would be fun to let the boys have a slumber party in the living room in conjunction with the pajama party link up.  Here's the pajama party invitation:

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I thought the pajama set I put together for the boys turned out cute.  They loved them.  The shirts glow in the dark.  Bonus!

I'll probably post the easy way I make the pajama bottoms a little later.  I'm making the boys some Christmas pajama bottoms too.

Of course, to make the slumber party really fun, I had to sleep with them!  Ha!  I pulled out the foam mattress topper . . . 

and made a more comfortable bed for me (and Shane) on the floor.

While Zach and Alex made places to sleep on the couches.  :)

We ate take-out pizza and watched two scary movies.  

Not a good movie.  Terrible actors.  
Ferrell boys give it Three Thumbs Down!

The Ferrell boys LOVED this movie!  
They were watching it again this morning! 
The Ferrell boys gave it Three Thumbs Up!

So that wraps up our Family Movie Night/Slumber Party (in comfortable spooky pajamas) with . . .

                                  the Ferrell boys and me!

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