Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine Kick-Off Breakfast -- So Much Fun!

Last night, after the Ferrell boys had FINALLY gone to sleep . . . Dave and I decorated the breakfast area.

I need some red or pink placemats . . . and some red hots or conversation hearts for the candle centerpiece . . . and another chair . . .

But other than those little issues, I think the table was very Valentiny for the surprise Valentine breakfast.

Dave helped me hang the Valentine Countdown Calendar that I had made earlier in the day.   We draped it around the breakfast window . . . I need curtains for the breakfast window. . .

I raided my craft supplies and found some foam sheets in Valentine colors that I used to make the hearts for the calendar.

I cut out a large heart and a small heart . . . 14 of each . . . and hot glued the smaller heart on top of the larger heart.  I put the glue in a "V" shape at the bottom of the small heart and left the top of the small heart open to make a pocket.

I used my Cricut to cut out white vinyl numbers to stick on the hearts for countdown days.

And then I attached the hearts in numerical order with clothespins to the wired heart garland I got at the Dollar Tree.  This project cost me $1 to make since I had all the supplies already except for the wired heart garland.

I think the breakfast area looked really cute and Valentiny (is that a word?) when Dave & I were finished.  

This morning Dave and I got up a little earlier than normal to get everything ready for the boys' surprise Valentine Kick-Off Breakfast

Dave made the heart-shaped bacon . . .

while I used a small heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out the pats of butter . . .

Dave cooked the pancakes while I fixed the boys' drinks.  I put red food coloring in their milk to dye it pink!  We used a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out the pancakes.

When Zach walked into the kitchen . . . he was soooo confused! 

What is going on ?!?

As you can see . . . He loved it!

Zach doesn't like milk so I squirted red food coloring in his orange juice which made it a bright pink!  Totally freaked him out at first until I told him it was his normal OJ!

Alex was also thrilled with the surprise breakfast  . . .

Shane wasn't very cooperative this morning . . . He wouldn't let me get a picture of him!

Now isn't he just precious . . . Ha!

I thought the breakfast turned out very cute . . . and I didn't buy anything for it.  We already had the bacon, sausage, and pancake mix . . . and the Valentine plates and napkins too  . . .

Wonder what fun Valentine activity or treat is waiting for

                                me and the Ferrell boys tomorrow . . .

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  1. Oh, Tina ~ so excited for the boys and proud of you. Making wonderful memories, you and Dave both! Enjoying reading your posts.


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