Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day -- Here at Last!

I can't believe it's finally over!  I thought Valentine's Day would never get here!  So much build up with the Countdown Calendar . . a lot of Valentine activities . . so much pink and red . . . Glad it's packed up! 

But before we move on I wanted to share some of the highlights of our actual Valentine's Day fun with the Ferrell boys.

First of all . . . here's what Dave gave me:

He always gives me chocolate, flowers (usually roses) and some kind of stuffed animal.  I still sleep with the little stuffed dalmation he gave me on our very first Valentine's together.  This year I asked him to forego the roses and give me something I could plant in my yard - calla lilies - I love them!

I made Dave a junk food basket.  It's what he loves.  I have been giving him junk food baskets for every occasion since we started dating. 

He has a thing about squirrels . . . don't ask me why it's squirrels . . . When I saw a stuffed squirrel holding a heart that says "Nuts about you!" . . I knew I had to get it for my sweet Dave! Ha!

I made each of the boys a Valentine happy for after school.  I don't usually have their Valentine gifts delivered but have them waiting for them in the van when I pick them up.

I fix their happies myself so I can put their favorite candy and snacks in their baskets.  Alex and Shane both love chocolate so in addition to lots of chocolate candy bars, I also put a whole bag of hershey's kisses in each basket!  They love that!  Zach doesn't like chocolate which makes his treat basket difficult to make.  He doesn't care for candy that much either.  I usually put his favorite Little Debbie snacks and beef jerkey in his baskets.

Dave had to work the night of Valentine's Day so I fixed him a special dinner to take to work . . .

grilled chicken . . .

green bean bundles . . .

baked potatoes . . .

and some of those yummy frozen rolls from the grocery.

I even wrote out instructions for heating up the food.  I hated we didn't get to spend Valentine's together, but at least he got to have something special for his Valentine's Day dinner.

The boys had their class Valentine parties. 

Scout gave everyone in the class these cute stuffed puppies.

Alex and his girlfriend, Kailyn, posed for a picture together.

Kailyn and Alex sent each other a carnation at school . . .

Zach and some of his friends at his Valentine party:

The girls wanted to get in a picture too:

Then the boys couldn't be outdone so they got together for another picture:

Shane and his classmates were much calmer than the other classes:

Look at all the pretty girls in Shane's class . . . including Mrs. Leslie too:

I wanted to get a picture with Shane but he just wouldn't cooperate. . . like always :)

Shane got lots of candy and valentines from his friends and Mrs. Leslie:

The boys were thrilled when they got in the van and saw their Valentine happies from me and Dave . . .

Even Shane was thrilled with his Toy Story balloon . . .

All in all it was a great Valentine's Day!  I hope you and yours had a great Valentine's Day too!

Happy (although a little late) Valentine's Day from . . .

                             the Ferrell boys and me

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