Monday, February 6, 2012

A Super-Duper Super Bowl Party

For our Valentine activity on Sunday, I had planned something that was a little less about Valentine's and a lot more about fun!

Dave had to work Sunday so we didn't have any plans for Super Bowl Sunday.  :(

I decided that the Ferrell boys and I would have our own Super Bowl Party together and make the most of it . . . even without sweet Dave . . .

I invited Laycee and her two sweet girls to come over for the party.  Her sweet hubby had to work also so it was just us "single" moms and little ones at the party.

I raided my freezer for kid-friendly appetizers.  Laycee styled the table and made it very festive with football items that I had around the house.

I made pizza rolls, chicken nuggets, chips & dip, BBQ meatballs, and little smokies . . . very kid-friendly food!   The only thing I bought for the party was the chips and dip!   Everything else came out of the freezer!  I even used my double crockpot!  Fun!

The children played together all night . . . hide & seek, tag, video games . . . you name it . . . they played it!  Laycee and I watched the game and visited.  Such a fun night!

The food was ready right at the beginning of the half-time show so we all got together and started fixing our plates.  Shane is still being difficult about getting his picture taken!

We all watched Madonna and enjoyed our Super Bowl cuisine!  It was a special treat for the Ferrell boys because I relaxed my rule about not eating in the living room.

Alex is mesmerized by Madonna!

Jacey getting comfortable on the floor.
Laycee brought Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream for dessert with hot fudge, hot caramel, and strawberry toppings!  Yum! 

After dessert, the children continued to play . . . Shane and Kaylee dressed up as Super Heros . . .

Captain America and Black Spiderman :)
Laycee and I cheered for our team . . . Yea Eli!    I mean . . . Way to go Giants!

It was a great time, but it was really hard to get up this morning!  Maybe a party is not a good idea on a Sunday night ?!?

Hope your team won at the Super Bowl  . . . and you had a party to go to  . . . even if it was a small party  . . . with close friends and your kids . . .  like it was for Laycee, Jacey, Kaylee  . . . and . . .

                        the Ferrell boys and me!

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