Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ladies' Craft Night at Church!

Friday night was our first Ladies' Craft night at my church.  We are going to have crafting night once a month as a time of fellowship for all the ladies, young and old, at the church. 

We told all the ladies to bring a grapevine wreath and the materials to go on the wreath along with an appetizer to share.  There were so many delicious dips and sandwiches and sweets to eat! 

It was so much fun!  Everyone worked together . . . .and individually . . . to make their wreaths.

Karen and Mrs. Faye

Mrs. Marie and Amy

Mrs. Faye's wreath
Mrs. Marie's wreath

I brought a wreath that I had used last year for Easter.  I was hoping that some of the talented ladies at the craft night would help me to spruce it up for this year.  I knew it needed something . . . just didn't know what!?!

Julie working on my wreath.
 While everyone was working on their wreaths, I made a moss-covered letter "F" to hang on one of my doors.  Here's me and Julie with my newly-spruced up wreath and my mossy "F".

Some more Spring wreaths . . .
I love the "A" in the center.
Amy made two cute wreaths.


Julie with her wreath.

Shirley and Lena

So many really cute wreaths!  As you saw, I didn't make a wreath.  Since I already had a wreath that I could use, I wanted to make something different.  I'm very happy with my mossy "F".  I'm going to make another mossy monogram for my sweet friend, Charlotte, and I'll post the instuctions for how to do it . . . when I do it!  I forgot to take pictures while I was making my "F".  :)

I wasn't the only one that didn't make a wreath.  Mrs. Coleene and Laycee painted clay pots with acrylic paints and chalkboard paint.

And Angie made this awesome burlap cross!

And after seeing Angie's burlap cross, I know that a burlap "something" is going to be the next craft project for

                          the Ferrell boys and me

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