Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beauty and Beau - and other stuff

Friday night was our school's Beauty & Beau pageant.  I am not a big pageant person.  I never watch the Miss America pageant although I can enjoy an episode of Dance Moms or Toddlers and Tiaras.  :) 

I have always been so glad I didn't have to worry with all that "pageant stuff" since I have boys . . . my boys are lucky if I remember to brush their hair in the morning, much less fix it up special . . .like you have to do with girls. 

Even so, my boys have participated in the school's Beauty & Beau pageant in the last few years.  Trust me - it was their idea - not mine! 

Last year, all 3 of the boys were in it.  Alex actually won in his division in last year's pageant.  Look at that cute toothless grin . . .

This year I was hoping that none of the boys would want to be in the Beauty & Beau pageant . . . .

No such luck.

Alex wanted to do it again.  Luckily he could wear Zach's old suit and dress shoes.  All I had to do was get his hair trimmed and we were ready to go!

Here is Alex with a couple of his friends before the pageant:

I tried to get Alex to practice walking around the living room to show me what he was going to do on stage . . . but that didn't work out . . . he cut up too much and acted way too silly.  I wasn't too sure what he was going to do on the stage during the actual pageant.

I had some serious concerns that he would act silly on the stage.  Here he is waiting on the pageant to start - cutting up with his friends . . .

Being a zombie . . .

I was seriously concerned about him.  But while on stage, Alex actually behaved very well.

With the group of contestants . . .

I know I'm biased, but I think he is sooo cute!

Of course he sealed the deal on stage when he blew kisses to the audience right as he was walking off the stage!  I was not expecting that!  Such a charmer!

The judges picked 3 winners out of the girls' group and 2 winners out of the boys' group:

Clay and Alex are good friends and wanted to have a picture made together before the pageant started . . . The two beaus before the pageant . . .

And after the pageant . . . the two reigning beaus . . . a couple of handsome boys . . .

So after winning two years in a row, I have a bad feeling that Alex is going to want to do this again!  (Great :/ )

This week has been very stressful.  Shane has been coughing a lot - especially last week.  Sunday night he started running a fever and was not feeling good at all.  I kept Shane home with me and the boys on Monday (the boys were out of school for Pres'Day) and "doctored" on him. 

He wasn't doing any better on Tuesday so I took us both to the clinic to see Patty, one of our favorite FNPs.  (I have been having lots of terrible headaches so I wanted to talk to her about that) But before going to the clinic, I treated him to McDonalds for lunch.  We stopped by Nana & Pawpaw's to eat:

We had a looooong wait at the clinic (3 1/2 hours) before we actually saw Patty.  She ran a bunch of tests on poor Shane to rule out strep, rsv, pneumonia, etc.  We were there sooo loooong that Dave met us at the clinic when he got off work at 6:00 p.m.! 

After Dave got there (thankful, so thankful for Dave) we had to take Shane to the hospital for a chest x-ray and blood work!  He was not happy about either one!  Dave was so great - holding him for the x-ray and the blood work.  I was a wreck by the time we got to the hospital, and I couldn't have taken holding Shane still while he was crying and upset. . . . I was upset myself!  Once again . . so thankful for Dave!

Look at his poor little bandaged finger from getting it pricked . . .

We are so blessed because he didn't have strep, rsv, pneumonia, or anything serious.  We got a prescription to help him with his cough, cold, and congestion.  He was wore plum out by the time we go home . . . around 7:30 that night.  We had gotten to the clinic that afternoon at 1:40 so it's understandable  . . .

He likes to be a big boy and take his medicine by himself . . . but he fell asleep before he could take it!  

 We were so late getting out of the clinic that we couldn't get the prescription filled so I gave him some ibuprophen to help with his fever.  Isn't he precious . . . 

This afternoon he's been up to all kinds of mischief!  He hasn't been eating much the past 2 days so when he wanted a chocolate bar at the pharmacy, I agreed to get it for him.  At least it's some kind of food!
Look Mom . . .it's melted . . . and I said . . .
                                                 "don't move . . . let me get my camera!"

 Hey!   I'm being real people!  We got cleaned up and I cooked him a nutritious meal of corndogs and curly fries!

Happy h*mp day!  (notice the cleverly placed asterisk to thwart the pervs)

Here's to sunny skies and healthy days from . . .

                    the Ferrell boys and me.

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