Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Getting Stuff Done Around the Farm

Dave is off some this week and he's been working around the house and outside.  This weekend he finally got the old piano off the front porch.

You remember the old piano . . . the one that's been there since October.

He started working on it at the beginning of the year, but then he didn't finish.  This weekend he got the whole piano off the porch.

It didn't take but about 30 minutes, and the boys even helped him! 

Of course, Alex wasn't interested in helping.  But Dave got the job done with his other two helpers.  Poor Dave.  Had to work so hard!  Ha!

The boys had fun and that's what really mattered.  It's so nice when we all work together on projects around the house.

I have really enjoyed planning our weekly menus.  I don't plan the weekend menus because I like to be flexible on those days.  Being flexible means that I sometimes don't have a whole lot to choose from when it comes to our meals.

This past weekend, we had breakfast for lunch on Saturday, ate KFC on Saturday night, corndogs and curly fries for lunch on Sunday, and then Sunday night . . .

I had nothing interesting to cook.  I could have made corndogs and curly fries again for supper, but I hate to do that to Dave.  He likes a little variety for his meals.  :)

I found a bottle of Ragu sauce and a box of spaghetti noodles in the pantry. . . plain sauce with no meat . . . Should I cook that ?

Dave and the boys loved it!  All the cooking I do throughout the week and plain old spaghetti sauce and noodles were a hit!

Shane ate 2 full bowls of spaghetti.  Dave gave him a bath after the first bowl, but then he came back and ate another bowl.

He had it all over his legs, face, arms, and pajamas!  I wanted to get a picture, but Shane would not cooperate.

I had to wash him down again and change him when he was finally through eating.

On Sunday, my sweet friend Charlotte came by to see me and the boys.  She had the boys' presents for Christmas.

She gave them each a huge styrofoam airplane.  Alex really loved his!  He immediately put all 3 planes together after she left.  Shane and Alex both played with their planes that afternoon.

Zach was only interested in playing video games.  But on Monday afternoon, all 3 boys went outside to play with the planes.

They had the best time . . . sailing the planes off  into the air . . .

Charlotte knows what little boys like . . . she raised two of her own!

Shane wasn't interest in throwing his plane . . . when he could just run around with it instead!

While the boys played with their airplaines, Dave and I did some practice shooting.

I love to watch Dave shoot.  So cute.

Then we all went to check on the cows and feed them.

 The boys love to feed the cows. 

It's always so much fun watching the cows eat up the hay.

I love my Ferrell boys.

Alex kept feeding the cows by hand . . .

Shane really enjoyed giving the cows the hay.  He wants to do it everyday. :)

And Zach was intent on actually "petting" one of the cows. 

He chose the bull . . . who didn't like it  . . .  He butted his head at Zach -- twice!  Totally freaked me and Zach out!  I don't think he'll be "petting" any cows any more!

Such is life in the country for . . .

                        the Ferrell boys and me!

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