Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week of February 20th - Menu

This week's menu for the Ferrell boys and me:


Baked Pork Chops
Sweet Potatoes
Cole Slaw


Chicken Shish Kabobs with bell pepper & onions
Green Bean Bundles


Chicken Tortilla Soup (from the freezer)
Fixins: cheese, chips, sour cream


Michelle's Chicken & Dumplins

Friday (Dave's night to cook):

DiGiorna Pizza & Breadsticks

Last week's menu had some great recipes in it.  We all enjoyed the Crockpot Creamy Italian Chicken with the penne pasta.  I have made this recipe before and it didn't make enough sauce so this time I used 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup and 1 can of chicken broth.  (Basically I doubled the soup and broth from the recipe)  It was great!
Everyone loved it even the Ferrell boys.

Dave enjoyed the grilled chicken and green bean bundles while at work on Valentine's Day while the boys and I enjoyed leftovers.  I told you the chicken and pasta was really good. :) 

The Taco Soup was great as always.  I froze two containers of it for a later day.

I had a bad headache Thursday night so I didn't cook the pork tenderloin.  Dave had to work that night so I stopped at the grocery store and got the boys some Kids Cuisine -- which is exactly what they wanted!  We never eat food like that so whenever I ask them what they want . . . it's either lunchables, kids cuisine, or hamburger helper!

My headache was worse on Friday so I thawed out the pork tenderloin and put it and some coca cola in the crockpot to cook all day.  Instead of the planned French Dip Sandwiches, we had Slow Cooker BBQ Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches and cole slaw. 
By the afternoon, all the medicine I took for my headache and the peaceful nap I took worked together to relieve me of the head pain, and I was able to go to the Beauty & Beau pageant at my boys' school.  I'll post later with some pictures from that fun night!

By the way, Dave and I have talked about my blog and the issue I've had with some of my visitors . . . We've decided that for now I am going to keep my blog public.  I'm just going to be more careful of the words I use . . . or the information I publish . . . especially the pictures!  I'm going to continue to monitor my stats and see what happens.  I'm going to go through my past blog post and de-personalize some of the information too.

Hope you and yours have had a great weekend!  We have at the farm . . . a rainy, lazy weekend!  Just what the doctor ordered!  Ha!

Have a blessed week from . . .

                     the Ferrell boys and me!

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