Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine Activities with the Ferrell Boys

I had several Valentine activities planned for the boys leading up to the actual Valentine's Day.

I haven't posted any pictures about our activities because we stay so busy and I didn't want to use my time blogging about the acitivites and MISS the actual fun of doing the activities with my sweet boys.

We live on a tight budget so I had to be creative with our fun!

I found some cute Valentine frame kits at the Dollar Tree.  A great bargain because there were 3 foam frames in each package.

All three boys enjoyed this Valentine craft.  

Shane really enjoyed the glue!

Look at Alex's concentration.

Zach and Alex each made two frames.    

Here are their finished frames:

Zach's Frames

Alex's Frames

Shane's Frames.  I told you he loved the glue!

 We had fun together for a couple of nights addressing our Valentines . . .

Zach had fun valentines that you could turn into paper airplanes.

Alex had to cut his valentines to separate them.

 . . . and making our Valentine treat bags for their classmates.

       Alex picked out dinosaur Valentines . . . .  Will he ever outgrow dinosaurs?

All three of the boys put their Valentine treat bags together without my help . . .

         Well maybe not all three of the boys . . . Shane did need some help. :)

We had a lot of fun and it was great not having to do it all by myself.

 Here are our cute Valentine treat bags finished:

We decorated brown paper bags with foam Valentine hearts . . .

The Valentine Countdown Calendar was a lot of trouble to implement, but it was so worth it!  We had a lot of fun together as a family, and the boys really looked forward to each day's activity.  Now I'm wondering what we'll do for Easter! Ha!

Have a great weekend and keep your eyes on the lookout for  . . .

the Ferrell boys and me!

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