Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Be Mine -- Valentine! Countdown to V-Day!

Tomorrow is February 1st . . . and the beginning of the Ferrell Boys' Countdown to Valentine's Day

And the best part about the Countdown to Valentine's Day . . . the Ferrell boys have no clue that it's going to happen!

Alex and last year's V-Day
After the boys go to bed tonight, Dave and I are going to decorate the breakfast area of the kitchen with Valentine's decor and hang the Countdown Calendar up somewhere (as yet undetermined). 

Zach and his class' V-Day party
Tomorrow morning we are going to surprise the boys with a Valentine-themed breakfast of heart-shaped pancakes with syrup and sprinkles, heart-shaped butter pats, heart-shaped bacon (maybe) and pink Valentine milk. 

Picture and instructions at
Every day from now until Valentine's Day, I have an activity or surprise for all 3 boys planned.  Most of the activities are things we can do together. . . like play a game together or watch a movie together.  Some activities are Valentine themed activities like making valentine cookies or homemade valentines for their classmates.

Alex making Valentine cookies last year at church.
 I've never done anything like this before for Valentine's Day although we always give the boys a Valentine happy. 

Shane sorting through his V-day goodies from last year.
I hope this will be something fun for us to do as a family.  We all enjoyed - as a family - the Christmas activities of reading the Christmas books and all the mischief with Jeff the elf.
I'll be posting some pictures as we countdown to the big day!  I would go ahead and post my plans for each day, but I'm not committing to any activity on any particular day yet.  I'll probably decide the night before what activity we will be doing and put it in the calendar then.  ( The boys would cheat and look ahead anyway)  I'm keeping it flexible depending on our schedule.  I've got some easy activities planned for when we seem to be very busy and then some time-consuming activities for weekends when we have more time.

I got my idea for doing the Countdown Calendar . . .

(picture from
from this great BLOG:  GallamoreWest.  She has a lot of great ideas for Valentine's Day.
So . . . Be Mine -  Valentine!  or at least . . .

                                           Mine and the Ferrell Boys!

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