Saturday, January 28, 2012

Have Gun . . . Will Shoot

Zach got a gun for his birthday last year when he turned 8.  It's one of those guns that has 3 different barrels that you can exchange out depending on what you're hunting.

Ever since the mysterious critter showed up at our back patio . . .

Dave has been encouraging me to learn how to load Zach's gun and shoot it.    I've been practicing shooting the bb guns, but I haven't actually shot a real rifle before.  After Penny and Angela left, we decided to go outside and practice shooting . . . before the bad weather got here.

Here's Zach getting ready to shoot:

Dave set up 3 targets for us behind the house.  He wanted me and Zach to use the picnic table to brace the gun while aiming for the target.

Zach's first shot was very close to the bull's eye:

This wasn't Zach's first shot ever . . .  They have been shooting many times before, but I've never been with them . . . so I had to get some pictures . . .

Then it was my turn to shoot.   Instead of Dave giving me instructions, I let Zach teach me how to use the rifle.  It was great listening to him and have him show me everything about loading the gun, how to safely hold the gun, and the steps before actually pulling the trigger.  A special mother/son moment for sure.

He did a great job with his gun shooting tutorial because my first shot ever was pretty impressive . . . or at least to me.

Then Dave had a turn with the rifle . . . to see if the scope was lined up right.

Of course, neither Zach nor I could compete with Dave's sure aim . . . can you say "bull's eye!"

We had such a good time . . .  Zach really enjoyed shooting with us . . .

at least until Dave changed out the barrels . . . from the 22 to the 243 . . .  Zach doesn't like the loud noise the 243 makes when you fire it . . .even with ear plugs.  I wanted to try shooting the rifle with the 243 barrel on it.  I put on earplugs and braced myself for the recoil . . .

The recoil didn't bother me but I'm like Zach . . . I didn't like the loud noise either  . . . even with the earplugs!

All in all we had a grand afternoon together . . . just the 3 of us.  Now I want a gun of my own!

I'm sure everyone is sleeping so much better now  . . . knowing I have been out shooting a gun . . . LOL!

See y'all later . . . from the Ferrell boys and me !

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