Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Night Blogging & Next Week's Menu

It's quiet at Ferrell Farm this Sunday night. . . the Ferrell boys have been banned to their respective bedrooms -- don't ask!  Hopefully they will be asleep when I go check on them in a minute.

Dave is asleep next to me . . . he has a very bad cold/cough going on.  I have him "drugged" up on some Nyquil so hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow.

I've planned next week's menu so I thought I'd share that with everyone.  I was surprised at how many people liked me posting my menu and recipes, but apparently everyone has trouble coming up with something fresh and new to eat every week.  I appreciate everyone's encouraging comments in person and otherwise (My momma passed on some people's comments . . that's the otherwise )

So here we go:


Slow Cooker Dr. Pepper Ribs
Crockpot Baked Potatoes :)  ----->
Mac & Cheese
Left-over green beans


Easy Lemon Chicken  
English peas
Garlic bread

(picture & recipe from )


Chicken Tortilla Soup   

Toppings:  cheese, sour cream
tortilla chips

(picture & recipe from )


Tacos  (The taco kits were on sale this week at Tems)
Mexican rice


Take-out Mike's pizza  (cause I hate to cook on Fridays)


Lunch:  Alphabet soup & grilled cheese  (My boys love this!)

From the freezer:  PW Chicken spaghetti (we didn't eat it this past Sat. like planned)
Garlic bread


Lunch:  Roast/gravy/carrots/rice/rolls  [Dave is off this Sunday :)]

Left-overs :)

This week I'm trying a few new recipes (Poor Dave!), but I think they sound pretty good!  Maybe they'll be keepers!

When I planned my menu for this week, I used the Tems sales paper in deciding what to have . . . the ribs were on sale for this weekend only.   They had 10lb. box of baby back ribs for .98 cents a pound.  I was a little concerned about buying a box of ribs I couldn't see . . . so I called Robert Stevens, the meat man at Tems, on my cell phone . . . I coincidentally have his cell phone number . . . and asked him about it.  He said they were really good ribs with a lot of meat on 'em at a great price . . . so get 'em!  So I did!  If you can't trust your butcher . . . who can you trust?

I planned on getting the skinless, boneless chicken breasts that were on sale . . . but they were frozen with hairy ice crystals all over them and I didn't like the way they looked. . .  So I opted for the chicken breast and chicken tenders that weren't frozen and also not on sale. 

The taco kits and the garlic bread were also on sale.  I love my Tems!  They also had some California clementines.  They were not the Cutie namebrand, but I'm still gonna give them a try!

We've had an easy weekend.  I've been cleaning around the house and washing clothes.  My house is not anywhere as clean as I want it, but I took several breaks to play with my boys.

Zach got  uno attack! for Christmas and we played it some this weekend.  The boys love it!  Tomorrow, we're going to play the dominoes that Alex got.  Fun.

I cleaned out three drawers from the boys' wardrobe . . . one drawer had pajamas that used to be Zach and Alex's when they were Shane's age!  Spiderman, Hulk, Cars, Buzz Lightyear, Thomas the Train, and even more Spiderman pajamas all for Shane!  He was so excited.  He immediately had to put on the Cars pjs.

Friday afternoon Alex spotted an Eagle flying over the catfish ponds near our house.  We saw eagles at Dollywood this summer.  The Dollywood Eagle Mountain Sanctuary is a 30,000-square-foot aviary that houses the country's largest presentation of non-releasable bald eagles.  Read about Dollywood's Eagle Foundation HERE.

They also have a live bird show with all kinds of birds like hawks, bald eagles, golden eagles and other birds (whose names I can't remember). 

The boys loved it  . . . especially Alex.   See how excited he is pointing to the eagles.  He's my little nature boy. . . 

When he said he could see a big bird and he thought it was an eagle, I doubted him.  I told him it probably wasn't an eagle and remember, eagles have white heads.  He said it has a white head.  I pulled over and looked up and sure enough it was an eagle.  Actually two eagles flying around and swooping.  It was so cool.  It made Alex's day. :)

Shane has spent the entire weekend watching Despicable Me over and over.  I had recorded it for the boys a while ago, and it has become Shane's favorite movie.  He'll ask me to please put on "da-pickle-me" movie.  It took me a while to understand what he meant, but now I've heard it so much I know what he's talking about.

Well, anyway, that's our weekend at the farm.  We're all off work and school tomorrow for MLK holiday.  I'm going to my WW meeting in the morning, but after that, I plan to spend the day with the boys . . . playing cards or board games or maybe even laser tag!  I hope Dave feels better and can play with us too!

Hope your weekend has been exactly what you hoped it would be! 

It certainly has been for the Ferrell boys and me!

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