Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Sisters and Our Children . . .

Our children are so blessed to have the great extended family that Dave and I have.

"A sister is one who reaches for your hand and touches your heart." -- Author unknown

I have only one sibling . . . a sister . . . Michelle.

Dave has 3 siblings . . . but only one sister . . . Penny.

“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” --Marion C. Garretty

So our sweet boys have an Aunt Chelle and an Aunt Penny . . . Both of whom made an extra effort to spend time with Zach for his birthday. . . not actually ON his birthday . . since it was on a Tuesday . . . but still in the same month as his birthday. :D

Aunt Michelle and Nana took Zach -- by himself -- out to eat and to the movies for his birthday one Saturday. It was a very special day for him because they let him pick out the restaurant and the movie and the whole day was focused on him . . . He didn't have to share them with anyone else . . not even his brothers! Special Special Special!

Zach's favorite place to eat is Applebees. Here he and Nana are waiting for their food and watching the football game.

Zach always gets the pasta with marinara sauce at Applebees.  And he always eats it up. . . all of it!

There is a general theme with all these pictures . . . a non-smiling Zach . . . Zach didn't want his picture taken so he wouldn't smile for Michelle!  But Michelle is just like me . . . pictures are taken, with or without a smile!

They took him to see TinTin in 3D.  Here he is posing with the poster . . . somewhat resistant Michelle said cause he felt like people were staring at him.  LOL!

Waiting on the movie to start:

The movie was wonderful according to Zach, Michelle, and Nana.  After the movie, they took him to Walmart so he could spend his birthday money.  He bought a video game for the Wii -  Madden NFL.  As if we need another video game!

Now they have to recipricate with Alex on his birthday!  I know sweet Alex will smile for his pictures!  Thanks for the pictures Aunt Michelle, but next time why don't you get in a picture too!

This weekend Dave's sister, Penny, and her daughter, Angela, came to see us.  They even spent the night with us Saturday night.   Penny wanted to come see all the boys, but especially Zach since it was just recently his birthday.

Zach and Angela have January birthdays in common.  In fact, Angela will be 21 this week . . . so I surprised her with a birthday cake Saturday night.

January birthdays aren't the only thing that Angela and Zach have in common.  Notice her cake doesn't have any icing on it  . . . just like Zach's birthday cake.  She doesn't like icing and cake together . . . too sweet she said.  Isn't that funny?

All the Ferrells:  Dave & his sister, Penny, & Angela with her 3 bad boy cousins:

Smile Zach . . .
 Why are boys so gross? 

 And once again . . . if you have a birthday cake and 3 year old in the house . . . he thinks it's his birthday . . .  and you have to let him blow the candles out  . . .

And then we all played the Wii . . . even Shane and Dave . . . Here they are dancing to Monster Mash:

And then Shane got tired of dancing and decided to sit it out.

But Dave wouldn't leave him alone . . .

In fact . . . Dave is a bad influence on sweet baby Shane sometimes . . .

That is an AirZooka that he and Shane are pointing at me.  When you pull the center knob, it shoots a poof of air at the target. . . Me!  Bad influence for sure!

Shane was sitting on Penny's lap and I wanted to get a picture of them together like I did with Dave and his niece, Angela:

Isn't that a sweet picture?  But getting a sweet picture of Shane and Aunt Penny was not that easy . . . .

Come on Shane . . . cooperate please . . .

No such luck . . . We all had a great time this weekend.  We just hung out together and played some games and visited.  It was great.

When I started this post I thought it was about what great sisters Dave and I have, but I've come to realize this post is really more about what great aunts my boys have!

Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend.

And afterall . . . I'm a pretty wonderful aunt too . . .  Remember that birthday cake I made for my niece, Angela . . .

An aunt is a gift whose worth cannot be measured except by the heart.

I hope you have a wonderful aunt or two in your life.  I know I have . . . 

Aunt: A cherished friend and personal cheerleader who will always see you through rose colored glasses.

Good night and Sweet Dreams

                                 from the Ferrell boys and me.

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