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The Ferrell Family -- So Long 2011!

I started looking back at our family's adventures during the year 2011 a couple of blog posts ago with the intention of only sharing the high points of our year.  As you have seen if you've been reading . . . I got a little carried away and shared more than just the high points.  It's okay.  It's my blog.  I'm happy to say this is the final post concerning the 2011 year for the Ferrells.  After this post, I'll be moving forward into the 2012 year.


I love the Fall season.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  I love cooking and celebrating with family.  Just before the Thanksgiving school break, the boys were in a Thanksgiving program at their school.  Shane's class didn't participate so he stayed with Nana while Dave and I went to the program.

Alex's 2nd grade class performed with the 1st grade class.  They did a cute song together.  The first grade class sang about being a fat turkey . . . walking so proudly and gobbling so loudly . . .

And Alex's 2nd grade class responded in kind by singing they didn't want to be a turkey on Thanksgiving Day . . . they stuff you and bake you and then they will taste you!  I don't want to be a turkey on Thanksgiving Day!  Such a cute song! 

Then Zach's 3rd grade class got up on the stage and performed a song with an indian beat to it.  They clapped their hands on their knees and sang ooowee ooowee  . . .

I can't begin to describe what they sang . . . but it was a great song about nature.

The children really enjoyed singing the song.  You could see it in their faces.

At the end of the program, all the classes got together and sang.  It was great!

Alex is on the second row.  You can't see Zach.  He's on the left side behind the girl in orange.  You can see a small portion of him peeking through between his two friends.

Don't worry.  I got my picture.  I made them all wait so I could get a picture with Zach on the front row.  Y'all know me and my pictures!

The next day we had the annual Thanksgiving meal at the school.  This year I was the only person in our family that could come to have lunch with the boys.  I got a picture made with them . . . .like I do every year . . . It's just a little blurry!

That was the only picture I could get.  Right after this picture, Shane pulled the lattice wall down that's right behind us in the picture!  It's never a dull moment with my boys!

We ate with my friend, DeAnne and her family.  Her son, Colt, is Shane's best friend.

I also saw my friend, Laycee, and her girls too.

Dave had to work on Thanksgiving this year so we planned to celebrate our Thanksgiving on Saturday instead.  It worked out great having it on Saturday because Dave's family was able to join us for the weekend.

Dave's mother (the boys call her Grandma) and his brother's family (brother Joe, wife Marlana, 2 children, Chandler & Madison) all came down on Friday and spent the night with us.
Joe brought one of his horses and his four-wheeler for the children.  They had a blast.  They each got to ride the horse -- Zach now wants his own horse!  The boys rode the four-wheeler all over the farm.  So much fun.

My parents came on Saturday to join us in celebrating Thanksgiving.  They brought a ham, homemade rolls, and a pecan pie.  Yum!

I put my kitchen table at the end of my dining room table to make the table long enough so we could all sit together.  Here you can see from left . . . Marlana, my Daddy, Dave's mother, and Madison:

Here is the other end of the table:

Here's Joe and Marlana:

Here's Dave, Alex, and Nana:

Zach, Chandler, and Shane:

Marlana made some kind of Banana cake . . . It's Joe favorite.  When you have a cake and a 3 year old in the house . . . he thinks it's his birthday cake . . . and when you can't find regular candles . . . you use what you have . . .

Make a wish :)

Before Dave's family left to go back to Pontotoc, we took some family pictures.  We didn't plan on taking pictures, so no one really dressed up for them.  We're just happy to be together!  Here is the Ferrell family picture for this Thanksgiving 2011:

Here are all the Ferrell boys:

And Grandma with her boys and grandchildren:

And my parents with their grandchildren:

We had a great Thanksgiving holiday!

This post concludes my look back over the Ferrell family during the 2011 year.  Thanks for re-living with me these wonderful memories of my family. 

Happy New Year from the Ferrell boys and me!

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