Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Cards Are Finally Done!

I have finally finished the Ferrell Family's Christmas cards for this year.  This is a BIG deal because I failed to complete this task the past two years! 


The year was 2009 . . . Thanksgiving break . . . the Ferrell family dressed for the annual family picture and went to the farm to take our first family picture
on. the. farm.  This was a special moment for our little family because we were going to be breaking ground on our new house at the farm that Spring so for me that made this particular family photo moment very special.

Here is the photo:

I estimate that we are sitting where the garage is now.  Special moment. 

I bought the cards to put these special photos in and . . . I never mailed them.

Then the next year . . . 2010 . . . we were in our new house . . . having our first Christmas at the farm.  Special . . . Special . . . Special.

Never took the photo.  Didn't even look for the cards I had purchased the previous year. 

This year I resolved to do better.  Afterall, many people look forward to receiving pictures every Christmas of our children and I hate that I have let them down for the past two years.

So I scheduled a photo shoot with a local excellent photographer (Julianna Persons) and gathered up some cute coordinating shirts for the boys and after several frustrating photo-missed opportunities (thank you Shane Ferrell) I have some great pictures of the Ferrell boys to use in this year's Christmas card. 

I shopped around and I liked the Christmas card selections at better than any of the others I checked out.  After 2 or 3 hours of changing pictures and designs, I finally settled on the following design:

Photo Card
View the entire collection of cards.

What do you think?  With the discounts I received from several different promotion codes, I saved $25.83 on my order!   I haven't actually mailed the Christmas cards so I may be getting ahead of myself with congratulations, but I have ordered the cards and the coordinating labels.  Hopefully, I will follow through and actually mail them! 

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Tina and the Ferrell Boyz

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  1. They look great, the boys are getting so big. Merry Christmas to you!!!


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