Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Embarrassment and Family -- Can we all relate?

We've been taking it easy at the Ferrell Farm since school has been out.  I've been having sinus issues.  This dreary rainy weather is killing my sinuses.  I've had a headache for 3 days.  But headache or not, children don't wait. :)

Tonight the boys and I were invited by my parents to Elon Baptist Church's Christmas program.  Elon is my parent's church.  Elon is also the church I grew up attending.

The children of the church performed the Christmas program . . .

They did a wonderful job reading the scripture and singing the Christmas songs.

It was a very sweet and meaningful program. . . .or at least the little bit of the program I got to see. . . .

You see -- I was asked to leave in the middle of the program. . . . by my mother . . .

Shane was being a little disruptive.  He wouldn't sit in my lap but insisted on standing just outside the pew in the aisle to watch the program.  He asked a lot of questions and talked more than he should have. . . but he wasn't that loud or that bad . . . but every time I looked at my mother . . . her face . . . total displeasure . . . until finally she asked me to take him outside.  

My child was embarrassing Nana. . . at her church . . .

So we went to the nursery area and played until the program was over.

Shane didn't care at all that Nana was embarrassed.

Nope.  He was having too much fun.

After the program, we had a surprise visitor -- Santa Claus!  It was at this point, I felt safe to bring Shane back into the church sanctuary.

I warned Alex before his picture not to mess with Santa's hat or beard!

Shane was very hesitant to talk with Santa.  In fact, Santa was leaving before he got the nerve up to talk to him.

 After seeing Santa, everyone went to the fellowship hall for sweets, dips, and sandwiches.  It was so good!

I made some marshmallow reindeer pops to take.  They turned out pretty cute.  Here is Shane holding one so I could take a picture:

I found the recipe for making these on one of the blogs I follow -
The recipe for the marshmallow reindeer pops can be found HERE
Her reindeers look better than mine :/  oh well.

But she didn't have the cute kid holding them in her pictures :)

Just look at that sweet face . . . how could he embarrass anyone?  LOL! 

Such is my life with boys . . . if it's not one embarrassing me . . . it's another one!  I guess that's why I don't flinch anymore when I have my boys with me in public. . . . I'm over the embarrassment . . . besides . . . that's life with

The Ferrell Boys and Me :)

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  1. hahaha I had to laugh at this. I can remember Zach with some of those moments but now he's growing up. One day you'll just have moments like this to remember the little boys you once had. Thanks for sharing.


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