Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Flying hotdog weiners and the Christmas parade

I'm making a serious effort to get back into blogging daily . . . or at least every few days.  Sometimes there's not a lot to say . . . or really not something I want the world to know about my life with these wild little boys. : D

Yesterday is a prime example.  I wouldn't post it here for the world to see except I shared this story with my Business Law class this morning and they thought it was funny.  

Those of you who actually know my boys . . . you know they are 100% BOY!  Dirty . . . Stinky . . . Loud . . . Sticky . . . Hungry . . . Cute . . . Sweet . . . Lovable

Mostly dirty and stinky! ;D

Anyway.  We very rarely travel without food or toys.  Alex and Shane are particularly guilty of having small toys and candy and snacks tucked away in their pockets.

When I clean my van out (once a year ;D), I find all kinds of lost toys and petrified food items.  I know. Gross.  Don't judge.  Just keep reading.  It gets worse.

So I have an uneventful day for a Monday.  Nothing to blog about. 

Then I pick the boys up at school. . . now I have something to blog about.  :D

I have to pay my electric bill so we head over to 4-County Electric to pay the bill.  Instead of going through the drive-thru to pay my bill, I park and go inside leaving the boys in the van.  I know.  Not a good thing to do, but taking all 3 into the office would not be a good thing either.  Next time, I'll go through the drive-through, I promise! 

Anyway, I gave them clear instructions to stay seat-belted in the seats . . . coupled with very specific threats of disciplinary action should they disobey me and went inside confident that all would be well.

I was in there just a few minutes but that's all the time they needed . . .  Yes they got out of their seats.  Not Shane, of course, because he's still in a carseat.  When I walked out of the office I could see them laughing and I knew that wasn't a good sign at all.

While I was in the office paying my electric bill, Alex and Zach were throwing food items at each other and at Shane -- poor sweet defenseless Shane!  And not just any food item but old, petrified hotdog weiners that Alex had left in the back of the van where he sits. . . not whole pieces of weiner but partially eaten hotdog weiners that had been in the back of the van so long that I don't remember when I gave them to Alex in his lunchbox for snack.  ( I know healthy stuff.  Don't judge.  He loves hotdog weiners.)

Can you imagine?  They all thought it was hysterical.  Flying petrified hotdog weiners.  The sad thing is I looked for them when we got home so I could get them out of the van and I only found one!  My van is so sad especially in the very back where Alex sits. . . all by himself.  It's so nasty back there that Zach won't sit back there and I . . . well, I just avoid looking back there too closely. 

I guess during Christmas break I'll be cleaning out the van . . . again.  Gross.  And I am resolved that there will be no more eating in the van!  (or at least until I forget)

After this whole flying hotdog weiner experience, I decided that we were not going to the Christmas parade.

But then . . . I hated to miss the Christmas parade.  Afterall, Shane and I had been good.  So I loaded them all back in the van and headed into town that night for the parade.  Dave was at work so I was on my own.

Here we are waiting on the parade:

I don't know why Shane wanted to wear that hat.  He's 3 years old.  Maybe that's why.

We enjoyed the parade.  The boys loved the candy and the fire trucks, horses, and four-wheelers the best!

The very LOUD four-wheelers.  Alex said, "Mom it's a motorcycle gang!"
The EMCC National Football Champions!  Way To Go Lions!
Santa Claus!  

I hope you've gotten to see a Christmas parade this year!  I'm glad we made the trip back to see our hometown parade.  I wish I had more pictures to share, but my camera battery kept dying!

Y'all have a great day and if you see me in the road . . . you may want to watch for flying hotdog weiners!

Tina and the Ferrell boyz!

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