Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Christmas Eve at Nana & PawPaw's

This is the first year I didn't hit all the dollar stores for last minute gifts.  I was so relaxed and not stressed at all about Christmas. 

We always spend Christmas eve with my family at my parent's house.  My mother fixes all kinds of yummy appetizer dishes . . . her special sandwiches, dips, and sweet treats.

This year Nana was sick.  Such a bummer.  She still made her chicken salad sandwiches and pimento and cheese sandwiches. . .  with the crust cut off and cut in 4 ways across so that the sandwiches were dainty little triangles. . . She made the Captain Rodney's dip and baked a ham . . .

I usually don't make much food, if any, for Christmas eve.  However, this year, Alex had requested some little pigs 'n blanket, jello jigglers, and the Pioneer Woman's meatballs. 

I took the meatballs out of the freezer that I had frozen when I first cooked them . . . HERE and after they had thawed out, I put them in a crockpot.  Alex loved them, but I would not recommend this.  The PW meatball sauce does not freeze well.  Or at least mine didn't.  I may try freezing the meatballs with out the sauce on it.

I made all Alex's requests and also made Dave some spinach dip.  We all enjoyed the food so much, but the boys were about to go nuts having to wait to open their presents.  And with good cause too.  They got some awesome presents from my parents and my sister, Michelle, and her husband, John.

Michelle and John gave Shane a dress up trunk with 3 super hero costumes in it - Ironman, Spiderman, and Captain America. 

He was so excited.  He carried the trunk everywhere with him all over the house. 

 Captain America was his favorite costume.

Zach and Alex got super cool jackets from Nana & Pawpaw:

Someone has brilliant blue eyes . . .

Of course, Nana & Pawpaw are way too cool to give the boys just practical gifts. . . .

The boys love playing dominoes at Nana's so she gave them their own set for home.

Michelle & John gave the boys video games for the Wii. . . Disney Universe and Just Dance 2!  We always play the Just Dance 2 at Michelle's house so she got the boys their own video so we can dance at our house.

Michelle brought her Wii for the boys so they could play at Nana's.  She is a very cool aunt.  :)

Nana & Pawpaw gave Shane some fun play toys.

Of course, I insisted we have a family picture made :) 

Hope your Christmas with your families was as special as our Christmas was with my family.

Tina & the Ferrell boys.

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