Friday, December 23, 2011

Only 1 More Day . . . and it's Christmas!

We are busy, busy, busy at the Ferrell Farm getting ready for Christmas!  Presents to wrap . . . food to prepare . . . lists to check off . . .

I have not wrapped a single present as of this moment.  I bought the wrapping paper today at the dollar store and the clerk cautioned me that the wrapping paper wasn't on sale . . . I said, "It doesn't matter if it's on sale or not . . the presents have to be wrapped!"  She gave me a total look of disdain and added the wrapping paper to my total.

It doesn't feel like Christmas to me.  I've been sick with this sinus infection and haven't done any of the traditional Christmasy things we do around here.  I haven't even finished decorating . . .

I did finish the outside door decorations:

Notice the piano is still on the front porch.  There are still no red berry branches in the crock, but I did finish the wreath and the garland.  One thing about taking pictures of your surroundings . . . you notice things in the pictures that you never notice in the day to day living there.  For instance . . . I need to buy a front door mat. . . . and I need to paint or stain the front door.  Dave is waiting on me to make up my mind about the door. Stain the door . . . paint the door . . .  :/ 

The wreath could probably use something more, but I'm satisfied with it for this year. I got those cute presents from Sassy Designs a few years ago, and I still love them on my wreath.  I added some white and red ball garland around the door.

"The stockings were hung (finally) by the chimney with care . . . "

Notice we haven't finished the fireplace yet.  I think I have finally decided how I want to do it.  Once again, Dave has been waiting on me to tell him what to do :)  I figure finishing the fireplace will be our New Year's project.  The fireplace works.  I love it.  It's so great having a fire going in the winter.  But the insert is just sitting in a hole in the wall.  If you look, you can see we haven't closed in around the fireplace yet. . . . no mantel . . . no tile on the hearth. . . .  Did I mention we've been living here over a year?

I love my firescreen.  I made it for my mother back in 1991, and she gave it to me to use in my house about 3 years ago.

We never finished decorating the tree.  Zach and Shane got into a fight over an "orient" a/k/a ornament, so I put the ornament box outside on the patio and that's where it has stayed.  My intention was to finish decorating the tree while the boys were at school, but I never got around to it.

 Shane has been rearranging the "orients" every day.  The poor tree looks kinda sad.

Actually, after looking at this picture . . . I may have to fix this tree before Santa Claus comes!  I am kind of sad about not having some of my favorite ornaments on the tree this year.  I just haven't felt like dealing with it.  I know. Pathetic.  But the boys think the tree is wonderful.  Shane especially.  He has ridden his toys into the tree several times.  It almost fell on him one time.  Now that I think about it . . . . It's probably a good thing my favorite ornaments aren't on the tree after all . . . .

Zach took most of the pictures I'm using in this post.  He asked if he could take some pictures of the Christmas decorations because he thought they all looked so beautiful.   He's so sweet . . . sometimes!

Here are some of my All Through The House decorations.  This scene shows grandma and the kids in the kitchen making cookies:

The dining room scene with Aunt Martha bringing in the Christmas turkey:

The Bedroom scene where Elizabeth spies Santa at the window:

The All Through The House collection is some of my favorite Christmas decorations.  I love the different holiday scenes all through the house.

I also love this Santa Claus banner:

I bought it at the school Christmas bazaar a couple of years ago.  One of the teachers at the school painted it.  It is one of my favorite things.

I also love my Snow Village.  I finally got the snow put under it:

Even Jeff our sweet elf loves my Snow Village.  We found him enjoying the downtown scene this morning:

So with 1 day left before Christmas . . . I have stopped.  I will wrap the presents I have purchased, but I will not buy any more!   I will prepare the food I have planned to fix, but I will not try to make it perfect! And I will be satisfied with the items I have checked off my list of things to do before Christmas, and not worry about the ones I didn't get to . . . . because I don't want to miss the fun of Christmas with my boys while trying to make everything perfect.  I already have everything perfect. 

As Zach said  . . . our Christmas decorations are beautiful . . . just the way they are!

Now I've got to go read some Christmas books to my wild little boys.  

After all . . . there is just 1 more day until Christmas for

The Ferrell Boys and Me

Merry Christmas to you all!

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