Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Parties at School

Yesterday morning we woke up and found that Jeff, our elf, had succumbed to peer pressure  . . . He had gotten into  mischief while we were sleeping! 

He's never been very mischievous before, but I've seen many pictures on blogs and facebook where other elves were constantly into mischief!  I guess he decided to give the Ferrells a little taste of trouble!  Like I don't have enough trouble daily with the Ferrell boys . . . now I have a magic elf creating more!

And to make matters worse . . . the boys tried to add to the picture by drawing freckles and more mustaches on the glass and this happened :

The rules say you can't touch the elf or he loses his magic!  What to do?  I suggested we leave for school and worry about it when we get back home.  We didn't want to be late for the Christmas parties!

Since it was the last day of school for the year, we ended it with classroom parties.  All 3 of my boys had a blast!  I am a really lucky momma because my boys love their teachers so it follows that all 3 of my boys love going to school.  :)

I had to travel up and down the hallway between the 3 parties so I would get a glimpse of the fun.

Here are some highlights:

Neal had Alex's name:
Alex loved his gift:
Alex and his teacher, Mrs. Mitchell:
Shane opening his present:
Showing his present to his best buddy, Colt:

Zach with his hot wheels track:
And that is the only picture I got of Zach at his Christmas party.  I don't know how that happened except that his class is a little wild.  They were shooting nerf guns at each other and thowing footballs across the room.  Just a little chaotic.  :)   Zach loved his present.  He set it up immediately when we got home, and they played for quite a while.  He even let Shane take it to his room and set it up to play.  He's such a sweet big brother to baby Shane.

When we got back home from the Christmas parties, we found this:

Totally freaked the boys out!  And me too! 

Later that night, Zach had his Christmas piano recital.  Zach has been taking piano lessons for 1.5 years at school with Martha Blackwell.  He was so cavalier about the recital.  He only played one piece, "Ode to Joy".  I wanted him to play two pieces, but he wouldn't.  I wanted him to wear a nice shirt, but he wouldn't.  He wore the same clothes he had worn to school that day.  Such a boy!

But such a cute boy!

I am so looking forward to the weekend!  I plan on cleaning my house and washing clothes.  I know that sounds boring, but I love having clean clothes and a clean house!  I'm also going to try and finish my Christmas decorating!  When I do, I'll post some pictures.  I'm also going to get my Christmas cards addressed and ready to mail! 

Y'all have a great weekend and keep a look out for . . .

The Ferrell Boys and Me!

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