Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aaarrgh! Those Boys!

I'm a little behind in posting on my blog.  My days are so busy it seems.  Posting on my blog is pushed to the back of my "To Do" list.

I'm going to try posting daily . . . (I'm smiling -- a knowing smile :D )

Today was a great day.  So pretty and sunshiny (Is that a word?).

I spent most of my day preparing the paperwork to send home to parents at my kids' school about an upcoming event of the PTA at our school. . . . May Day! 

May Day is great fun for the kids.  It's a lot of work for the PTA and the parents.  Since I'm President of the PTA, this fun event is kind of on me.  Luckily, the President from last year is helping me out a lot.  She sent me copies of all the papers she sent home last year which explained the events of May Day and the fees for the different activities and for the food. . . pages and pages of stuff.  It took me a couple of hours to get it all typed in and printed out.

After lunch at Trailboss, Dave dropped me off at the school to make copies and distribute the paperwork to the teachers.  When I picked up Alex, I found out he had won the prize from the magazine sales fundraiser at the school.

 Every student got a booklet to fill out with family and friend's names for magazines solicitations and if the booklet was filled completely out, then the child's name went in a drawing for a couple of prizes.  I stayed up one night filling the booklets out for both Zach and Alex.  The booklets had to be turned in the next day to qualify for the drawing. 

They drew the names for the prize today, and they drew Alex's name!  He was so excited.  He already has a scooter and he rides it everyday.

Zach wasn't too happy about Alex winning, until Alex decided to give the new scooter to his baby brother, Shane.  Then Zach was okay with Alex getting a new scooter.

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