Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Week = BusyBusyBusy!

Alex had his book report due on Tuesday, October 30th, and I had a Chancery Court hearing at 9:30 that same day.  I try to be present for every special moment in my children's life, and this book report falls into that category . . . especially since I was present when Zach gave his first book report when he was in the third grade.  :)

So I coerced his teacher into letting him give his report right away at the beginning of school so I could be there . . . and videotape it . . . and I didn't have to really coerce Ms. Lori so much as just ask her . . . but I'm so glad I got to be there!

Alex's book was called "Dracula Doesn't Rock and Roll" so he decided to dress up like a vampire to give his report.

He did such a great job!  I was so proud of him!

I was so happy because I got to be a good momma and be there for him  . . . and still make it to court by 9:30!  :)

That night Zach had his last football game for the year in Columbus.  Dave got off early and we picked him up at Weyerhaeuser and headed on to Victory Christian Academy for the game.

It was sooooo cold!  And Zach didn't wear a long sleeved shirt under his jersey like I told him to . . . nope he wore a tank tshirt!  And he forgot his side pads for his pants so I had to go by Hibbetts before the game and buy a new pair of practice pants!  See how clean and white those are!  Ha!  Dave wanted to go home, but I hated for Zach to miss his last game . . . There he is playing wide receiver . . . my sweet boy  . . .

Did I mention we almost froze!  It was sooooo cold!

The next day was Halloween!  Yea!  We love Halloween in our house.  We love to dress up and eat candy! 

Zach is outgrowing some of the dress up part.  He wanted a Scream mask, but unfortunately he didn't tell me until Halloween morning so he had to make do with a skull mask.

Alex wanted to be a zombie . . .

 and Shane wanted to be a vampire . . .

Does everyone dress their kids up in costumes for school on Halloween?  We do at our school.  Not only do the kids dress up, but the teachers too!  Here is Alex with his class and teacher.

Shane was so cute as a vampire.  He would raise his arm to cover his face with his cape and say . . . this is what vampires do . . .

Here Shane is with all of his K4 class . . .  Aren't they sooooo cute?

Here are the four best friends since birth . . .

DeAnne, Vicky, and I were pregnant at the same time . . . and I'm so happy that all of these sweet children are going to school together!  When we were pregnant together, I had always hoped that all four children would grow up together and be best buddies forever . . . and so far . . .  :)

Lex was Iron Man and Mary Beth wanted to be a Knight . . . but I told her if anyone asked what she was to just tell them she was Joan of Arc!  Doesn't she look just like you would picture the crusading Joan!

Of course, Lex and Colt are superheros . . . my child has to be a vampire!  Ha!  Shane has his own path . . . and sometimes it's not the path I would have picked, but it's definitely his Own!  Ha!

So busy, busy, busy Tuesday and Wednesday morning for

                    the Ferrell Boys and Me!

                                        ..................  More to Come! 

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