Monday, November 5, 2012

Our School's Pumpkin Patch Day

I'm a little behind in blogging so you will have to endure some posts that are an effort to catch up.

Our school held its 2nd annual Pumpkin Patch Day on October 4th at a farm nearby.  It's a private farm that's not open to the public.  The owner's children attend our school, so they graciously allow us to bring the entire elementary out for a fun day at the farm/pumpkin patch! 

The kids loved it!  My boys especially loved it!

Here are my boys' class pictures from the Pumpkin Patch:

Shane and his K4 class:

Alex and his 3rd grade class:

Zach and his 4th grade class:

Shane and his friends ready for the hayride:

Shane, Colt, and Lex climbed a giant dirt hill looking for the perfect pumpkin.

They had cotton candy and popcorn for the children.  Alex really loved the cotton candy.  So did I!  I ate 3 cones of cotton candy that day!

Alex and his class waiting on their hayride to start:

Alex found his perfect pumpkin:

Zach and his best friend, Colby, stop and let me take a picture of them with their pumpkins.

They have a couple of miniature horses at the farm so they hooked the horses to a little wagon and gave the children wagon rides.

Look in the following picture and see how small the horses are compared to the normal size horses . . .

Zach's favorite activity at the Pumpkin Patch is always riding the horses.

Here's Zach (in the camouflage shirt) waiting in line to ride the horses again.  I need to get that boy a horse . . .

It was a great day for all the children.  My boys were really looking forward to it.  There were lots of activities for them to do . . . archery, animals, horse rides, wagon rides, crafts, face painting. . . .  and it sure beat being at school all day!

Another fun fall day for . . .

                            the Ferrell boys and me.

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