Monday, November 19, 2012

Women's Forum Trip

I was able to go with three other ladies from my church to a Women's Forum at Lifeway in Nashville.

It was a jam-packed event with very little free time available . . . lots of break out sessions with a variety of topics for improving your ladies' ministry at your church . . .  as well as several Worship sessions a day! 

We left Wednesday, November 7th, for Nashville . . . all four of us packed into a little car.  I had brought a crochet scarf I have been working on to keep me busy on the ride.

We stopped in some little town in Alabama to eat lunch.  I don't remember the name of the town, but the name of the place was the Happy Days Cafe:


At first we weren't sure if it was really a restaurant.  But they had a little menu standing up outside the door, so we stopped and ventured forward.  It looked so cute on the outside . . .

They had a railroad crossing pole in one corner of the restaurant . . .

A cute mural of a soda shop scene all along one side of the restaurant . . .

We thought the mural was so cute, we decided to get a group picture:

We enjoyed the beauty of Alabama . . . all the leaves changing color . . . all the winding roads . . . but it sure was nice to see this sign:

We arrived to Nashville in time to eat supper.  The hotel had a shuttle so we took it to a restaurant named Puckett's to eat.  It was recommended by a friend.  It was a fun place to eat.  They had live entertainment and a wide selection of menu items.

We ate fried green beans for an appetizer (only in the South do we fry everything including green beans!).   I enjoyed a steak for supper.

It's a good thing we went out to eat that first night, cause there wasn't any time to go out to eat after that!  They kept us all busy everyday at the Forum until 8 or 8:30 each night!  No time to go out an sample all the wonderful restaurants in Nashville . . .  Which is a little sad . . . cause part of the fun of going anywhere is getting to eat out!  :)

My roomie, Laycee woke up sick as a dog Friday morning.  She wasn't receptive to getting her picture taken!  Ha! 

Laycee missed all the sessions that day . . . and managed to give me whatever it was she had! I woke up sick as a dog on the Tuesday following this trip! Luckily I made time to go to the doctor and get a shot . . . so I'm able to work today . . . but I have total sympathy for Laycee now that I've suffered the same illness myself!

We had a great time in Nashville!  I can't wait to go back again only this time . . . I want to go back with Dave!  But before leaving Nashville . . .  I had to get at least one picture with someone famous . . . Look who I found outside one of the stores in Nashville!  Elvis!  Ha!

Not exactly a perfect replica of Elvis, but he made for a fun picture!  Ha!

Although I had a great time at the Women's Forum and learned so much, I was ready to get back home to Ferrell Farm . . . and resume life again as

                     the Ferrell boys and me!

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