Sunday, November 4, 2012

One Final Hoopla for Halloween

Every year for Halloween, I give the boys a small Halloween party complete with special decorations and special food.  It's a Ferrell tradition.

Here are my two sweet boys back during our First Ferrell Halloween party . . . Alex was Shane's age in this picture:

I have been struggling so much with this high blood pressure and the way it is making me feel . . . along with the first bp medicine they put me on. . . .which made me feel yucky . . . that I actually forgot about the Family Halloween party.

The Ferrell boys didn't forget . . . especially Alex.  :)

So Saturday afternoon, I had to run to my office and meet with a client (responsibility -- yuck!) and when I got through, I ran to Tems and Dollar General to pick up some items to throw the boys a last minute, post-holiday Halloween surprise.  Everything I got at Dollar General for Halloween was 50% off so this turned out to be a cheap surprise.

Traditionally I make Mummy dogs and Frankenstein brains for the special meal.  :)

Mummy dogs are very easy to make . . .

It just takes two ingredients.  Crescent rolls and wieners.

You roll the crescent rolls out -- pinching the seams together -- two crescent triangles together at a time.  Then make strips using a knife the size/width that you want.

Wrap the crescent roll strips around the wiener leaving a space for the face to show through. 

So easy and fun. . . . and super cute Halloween food.

Bake at 375 degrees for 10 - 14 minutes until brown.
When the mummy dogs are golden brown and cooled a little, you add mustard eyes on the face.

To make the Frankenstein brains is a little more difficult.  ;)

You make a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese according to the directions on the box and then squirt a little green and blue food coloring in the cooked mac & cheese to get the color you want . . .  Zach likes the shell-shaped macaroni . . .  Frankenstein brains :

I decided to add a new dish to my special meal . . . Granny's false teeth!

I had all the ingredients except for the apple so I picked up some when I went to the grocery store.

It was very simple to make.  You just slice the apple into wedges and spread peanut butter on one side of each wedge.  I sloshed my apple slices in some lemon/lime juice before spreading the peanut butter to keep the apple from turning dark.

You put 4 or 5 mini marshmallows on the top of one prepared apple slice and them top it with another prepared apple slice so that the peanut butter acts like a glue to keep it all together.  Voila!  Granny's false teeth!  Ha! 

I also made some tater tots to go with the meal . . . but I couldn't think of anything gross or scary to call them.  Do you have any suggestions?

I decorated the table in marked-down Halloween plates and napkins.  I put together mini treat baskets using marked-down Halloween favors and candy.

Dave had quarrantined the boys to their respective rooms under much protest, but I wanted our special supper to be a surprise.

Everyone got a treat basket but me.  Ha! 

I put spiders on all the food as garnishes and also added a little something to the boys' drinks.

My boys were thrilled with their surprise!

It was a lot of fun for me and for them!

Our first family Halloween party from a few year's ago . . .  a little blurry but a great memory!

Our Halloween party plate from last night.

Everyone got into the spirit of the party . . .

We had a great night and a lot of Halloweeny fun even though Halloween was long gone and all packed up!

Now we're getting ready for Thanksgiving . . .  So much to be thankful for . . .  so much for . . . 

                         the Ferrell Boys and Me!

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