Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bizarre or Bazaar?

In my crazy life, you can get both a Bazaar and a little bizarre in the same week.

This past Thursday, November 15th, we had the annual Christmas Bazaar at my children's school.

I look forward to this bazaar every year.  I love buying handmade items from people I know.  It makes the items  more special because I know the person who made it.

Here are the items I made to donate to the bazaar:

A. Tom Turkey:

I cut all the wooden pieces out with my daddy's scroll saw.  The boys and I painted them, and Dave drilled the holes for the wire. 

B. Camo Picture Pillow:

I made it out of a camo flannel sleeping bag that the boys no long used.  I tied the flannel strips into knots all the way around to give the pillow some edging. 

C. Cheerleader Picture Pillow:

This is an easy pillow to make.  I made two of the camo pillows and two of the cheer pillows . . . and they both sold!  I even had some people ask me to make them a pillow for Christmas presents.  Directions for making the picture pillow can be found in a previous blog post:  HERE.

The kids really liked the pillows . . . but I think the pictures I used helped to sell the pillows!

D. Blue Jean Purses:

I found a tutorial for making these purses on pinterest.  I added my own style to the purses.  :)  The blog post for the original tutorial can be found HERE at taidyeoriginal blog.   She gives a great picture tutorial for making the basic purse.  The embellishments, however, are my own. :)

I will probably do a picture tutorial for making the bags like I make them because I do some stuff a little different from her original post.  They are really cute purses and very easy to make.

The bazaar opened on Thursday night and carried over into Friday when our school has its annual Parent's/Grandparent's Thanksgiving lunch.  I had a Court hearing in another town that morning and I missed the lunch.  When I got to the school, my boys and their Nana were getting in the car to go home. :(  This is the first time I've missed the Thanksgiving lunch since the boys have been going to school there.  Oh the perils of being a working mom.  :)

I stayed to help with the Christmas bazaar until it closed, and Zach stayed to play at the school with some of his friends.  The Christmas bazaar was the 4th grade project and since Zach is in the 4th grade . . . I had a little responsibility for helping.  I had served my time on Thursday night, but I hate to leave the cleaning up for others to do.  I don't know how much help I was, but at least I was there.

When it was almost time to close up the bazaar, Zach came in to tell me that while he was playing . . . he kicked "something" and his left shoe flew off his foot and landed on the roof of the elementary building!

  So when the Christmas BAZAAR was over, I moved on into the BIZARRE part of my life. . . . Climbing up a rickety ladder to rescue a shoe off the roof!  The whole way up . . . as the ladder wobbled and creaked . . . I kept looking up and saying, " I'm sure of my salvation . . . I'm sure of my salvation . . "  Ha!  I wasn't sure if I was going to make it down from there alive, but I knew where I'd be if I didn't!  That helped me have peace instead of fear as I climbed upward.

I was in need of a quiet peaceful weekend after that experience.

I planned a family movie night for Friday.  I had purchased the Pixar movie Brave as a surprise for the boys. 


We got pizza from Mike's and put on our pajamas (all of us including Dave!) and settled in with popcorn to watch it together.  We loved it!  Shane has watched it 5 or 6 times since then. 

But Friday night, as great as it was, turned out to be the only peace for the weekend.  I woke up Saturday feeling like a relapse of my cold was coming on and poor Shane woke up with a stopped up nose.  Sunday turned out to be worse.  I felt terrible.  And to make matters worse, as I was backing out the garage Sunday morning . . . I had a little accident:

Excuse the picture!  I couldn't get the picture from the insurance agent to upload to my post, so I took a picture of it from my computer screen!  Ha! 

I don't know how I broke the window.  As I backed out of the garage, the garage door stopped midway and Voila!  a broken van window!  I had a few phone calls yesterday from people who saw it parked in front of my office . . . most wondering if the Ferrell boys had done it!  Ha!

So today, Tuesday -- the week of Thanksgiving --  I'm thankful for my insurance agent and my local body shop that's able to fix my window so quickly!  I'm also thankful for my sweet friend DeAnne who is picking me up for lunch today since I am without transportation! 

Such is the Bazaar/Bizarre life with

                          the Ferrell boys and me!

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