Friday, November 2, 2012

Annual Elon Hayride 2012

So after trick or treating at the two houses in town, we had just enough time to make it to Elon for the wiener roast.

Daddy said they were eating at 6 o'clock and then going on the hayride so we definitely wanted to get there in time to eat!   Those folks at Elon always have lots of great food at the hayride.

Crockpots of chili, roasted hotdogs, and marshmallows and plenty yummy desserts.

And there were lots of people there to help me get the boys' plates fixed . . . Like Norman's wife, Melondy . . .  Alex had no problem asking her to help him fix his hotdog!  Ha!

It was a great night for me . . . Zach is old enough to fix his plate . . . Alex is old enough to get someone (other than me) to help him fix his plate . . . and then sweet Dave took care of Shane . . . 

I was left to fix my own plate . . .unencumbered by little Ferrell boys wanting me to fix their plates! Ha! I got a bowl of some delicious apple cobbler and some vidalia onion dip !!  A perfect meal!  Ha!

I actually found a chair to sit in . . . but my cousin Norman's family sat on the ground by the fire to enjoy their hotdogs . . . Maddie, Christopher, and Melondy . . .

They roast wieners and marshmallows the old-fashioned way at Elon . . . on sticks that have been sharpened to a point!  The boys love it!  Dave helped Shane roast his marshmallows . . .

And cousin Norman helped his daughter, Maddie, roast her hotdog.

Then it was finally dark enough for the hay ride . . .  Cousins riding side by side . . .

Zach was on the end of the trailer . . . no where near his brothers!  He's growing up too fast!

 Cute little Maddie was ready for the hay ride!   You can really tell that Maddie and Alex are related!

 We had a great time on the hayride!  It's a great tradition for our family!  Now it also includes Norman and his family!

Finally Halloween was winding down for everyone . . .  even winding down for . . .

                     the Ferrell boys and me!

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