Friday, November 2, 2012

Here Come the Ferrell Boys! Trick or Treat!?!

Every year my parent's church hosts a wiener roast and hay ride for the children of their church . . . which includes the Holcombe's grandchildren too! 

We try to go every year if we're able.  This year their hayride was scheduled for Wednesday, Halloween night.  Oh the delimma!  Do I take the boys trick or treating or do I take them to the annual hay ride?

That delimma was soon settled when I got a call from my cousin's wife, Melondy.  They were all planning to go to the hayride (which was their first time to go) so I decided we needed to go too!  Just to make sure they knew someone besides my parents at the hayride.  They have two small children around my boys' age and they all enjoy playing with each other.

The wiener roast started at 6 o'clock so we decided to try and work in a couple of trick or treat stops on the way.  These people set up a graveyard in their front yard every year so we knew we had to go by there.

They have a fog machine and black lights set up.  The boys LOVE it!

Our only Halloween costume pose . . . with no Shane in it!  He wouldn't get out of the van!

Our second . . and last stop . . . was to the Jourdans.  They always have something cute set up on Halloween for the trick or treaters.  That mask was soooo gross!  It had blood running down the face over and over! 

You would think something sooooo gross and scary would keep sweet Shane away, but for some reason, he wasn't scared!

And Shane loved the animated witch they had set up on the porch!

Alex was fascinated with the bleeding mask . . .  and the big bowl of candy!

Sadly, Zach seems to have outgrown trick or treating.  He went with the other boys to the houses, and he got candy right along with them too. . . But the other two younger boys were very disappointed when we stopped trick or treating after two houses, but not Zach.  He hasn't even gotten his candy out of the van yet, and Halloween was two days ago!

I'm glad my other two boys are still wanting to enjoy Halloween.  I know I haven't grown out of it yet!

So that wraps up our Halloween fun . . . until the Hayride!  Still more to do before the night is over for . . .

                           the Ferrell boys and me!

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