Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday with the Ferrells

I love Saturdays. 

Especially now that I'm back working everyday in my office. 

I love Saturdays spent at home with the Ferrell boys . . .  Saturdays spent cleaning . . . . Saturdays spent washing clothes . . . Saturdays spent sewing and crafting . . .

I'm planning to do all these "Saturday favorites" today!

First thing to do. . . . Pack away all the Halloween decorations.

My front porch was decorated with corn stalks, mums, pumpkins, and a few Halloween items.  Notice the still unpainted porch rail.  :)

I'm surprised that the corn stalks and pumpkins are still standing.  I have three canine friends that like to mess with my stuff outside . . . .

I've found pieces of the corn stalks spread across the front yard, and some of the pumpkins were favorite play toys of these three mischief makers . . .

It was not uncommon for me to look out the front door and find this:

Some of my favorite Halloween decorations include this tree I got at Hudson's, and these three trick or treaters I got from Secret Garden on sale.

Another favorite is my little Greta witch that I purchased years ago at the Canton flea market.

And this Frankenstein treat holder was a steal for $15 at the Dancing Rabbit Festival several years ago!

I usually wait until after Halloween and buy decorations after they've been marked down at the dollar stores or either I go to Dirt Cheap a few days before Halloween when they mark their stuff down.  I have lots of costumes that I paid only 50 cents to buy.  This year, however, I didn't go to Dirt Cheap.  I may not go to the dollar stores either.  This blood pressure problem I've been having has really altered my behavior.

I haven't felt very good at all.  I've had so much I had to do . . . harvest carnival, dancing rabbit festival, etc for my boys that any free time I've had has been spent laying down trying to get my blood pressure down.  But even though I haven't been able to shop and decorate like I normally do, I have been soooo blessed this Halloween by my sweet boys and husband taking care of me when I've felt bad.  :) 

On nights when Dave had to work, Zach and Alex worked together to take care of Shane for me, and Zach always made sure everything was locked up and cut off before we went to bed at night.  My boys are definitely growing up!

What a Halloween mess I had to clean up!  :D

Now all the Halloween decorations are packed up and in storage . . . now I have to start washing clothes!  Ha!  I am so blessed to have a washing machine and dryer to do most of the work for me!

But before I start the clothes, I need to get the pizza out of the oven.  It's just me and Shane right now ( the other boys and Dave are out running errands) so I popped a frozen pizza in the oven for lunch.

Shane loves pizza . . . especially a whole pizza just for him . . . or so he keeps saying. :)

When I took the pizza out of the oven, Shane started looking around the kitchen . . . with a puzzled look on his face, he started asking me for the camouflage box . . . where did you put the camouflaged box, momma . . . you didn't throw it away, did you . . .

I had no idea what he was talking about . . . and then I remembered . . . we got pizza from Mike's Thursday night and the pizza boxes are camouflaged!  So I got one of the boxes from the garage (where it was waiting to go to the outside trash) and Voila!  Our cooked pizza in the used camouflaged pizza box!  I made sure it was clean and laid a piece of wax paper down before putting our pizza in there.

Sometimes having a four year old in your life creates interesting days . . . . interesting, weird, but definitely fun days.  He was so happy.

And now I'm through cleaning up Halloween decorations and I'm in the midst of washing and drying clothes so I think I'll partake in another favorite Saturday activity . . .  an afternoon nap!  Shane has already gone to dreamland on the couch watching  television.  The house will only be quiet for a little while longer.  Dave just called and said they were on their way back home from Columbus . . .

So we're taking a nap at Ferrell Farm . . .  just

                        one little Ferrell boy and me!

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